Tendinopathy: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment By Wrist & Thumb Braces

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What Is Tendinopathy?

Tissues consisting of collagen protein shaped as strong rope are called tendons. They are bound to connect muscles with the bones. Tendinopathy is also known as tendinosis, defining the collagen breakdown in a tendon. This breakage of tendons causes burning pain along with inflexibility and motionless movement.

The most common tendinopathy symptoms are swelling in the forearm and upper arm, pain in the injured surface, immobility in the damaged joint and stiffness in the muscle, weakening of muscles, and warm skin in the affected area.

The most common tendinopathic effects on tendons are;

  • Rotator cuff tendons; rotator cuff tendons keep the shoulder joint stable.
  • Achilles tendon; These are the most prominent tendons in the body
  • The patellar tendon; is a ligament that connects bone to bone
  • Hamstring tendons; attach muscles to the bone in the pelvis, lower leg, and knee
What Is Tendinopathy?
What Is Tendinopathy?

What Causes Tendinopathy?

Tendinopathy mostly happens because of excessive use of the forearm, mostly while playing aggressive sports or heavy lifting or constantly moving the forearm and wrist. Exhausting and arduous activities lead to such injuries. In addition;

  • Sudden hits on the muscles or collision of bone on a hard object
  • Strained muscles of the forearm may develop tiny tears and redness near the lateral epicondyle on the outer area of the elbow
  • Lack of forearm usage
  • Tennis, squash, and badminton players are most likely to suffer from the condition
  • Excessive usage of any tool
  • Activities that involve constant wrist movements
tendons in the wrist
tendons in the wrist

How To Treat Tendinopathy?

Tendinopathy is treatable and can be cured with immediate measures and basic medical requirements. There are different treatments for tendinopathy and tendonitis both. While the treatment prescribed and followed in medical setups for tendinosis are as follows:

  • Satisfactory and recommended rest is required. For a working person suffering from tendinosis, taking a short break from constantly moving their forearm is essential. As prescribed, a five-minute break in every thirty minutes is necessary.
  • Compression of an ice pack heals a lot in tendinopathy. Therefore, it is recommended to do Icing sessions for at least 20 minutes every three hours.
  • Strengthening muscles through lightweight exercises helps tendons to get stronger and recover rapidly.
  • Stretching is also one very essential healing aspect. It keeps the muscles flexible, improves blood circulation, and reduces tightness in the muscles.
  • In case of unbearable and severe pain, mild painkillers are a good choice and can be consumed twice a day, depending on the severity of the pain.
  • A professional session of specific massage on the tendons gives growth to new collagen fibers and lessens the pain and redness. Once the discomfort escapes, the patient will automatically feel better, and the rest of the treatment can be continued pain-free.
  • A specific heating system known as hyperthermia treats the body through heat by increasing the blood flow through high temperatures.
  • Dosage of oral supplements such as vitamin C, zinc, B6, manganese, and vitamin E improve the tendon’s health. However, one must consume prescribed supplements regularly.
  • While researchers tried several other treatments such as Iontophoresis
  1. Phonophoresis
  2. Loreallastments therapy
  3. Therapeutic ultrasound

     But with very little proof whether they are helpful in tendinosis or not.

What Is The Best WRIST & THUMB Brace For Tendinopathy?

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Wrist Tendonitis Treatment for Pain Relief - Ask Doctor Jo


Swimming is an excellent way of curing cardiovascular issues. But it helps better in tendonitis in comparison to tendinosis.

Most cases involving tendinopathy are reported to be fully recovered without any particular input of medical aid. 



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