Wrist Sprain: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment By Wrist & Thumb Braces

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What Is Wrist Sprain?

A wrist sprain usually results from a sudden injury or a fracture. But in many cases, it may result from long-term carpel tunnel syndrome or arthritis.

The bone and wrist Joint connect the forearm and hand. This joint consists of many small bones that help straighten, rotate, and bend the wrist. Any discomfort or pain in the wrist joint is commonly known as wrist Sprain. A wrist Sprain can be caused due to multiple problems.

What Is Wrist Sprain
What Is Wrist Sprain

What Causes and What Are the Symptoms of Wrist Sprain?

As mentioned above, various reasons may cause wrist Sprain. However, one of the major reasons is:

  • Sudden injury or an accident may lead to a broken wrist sprain joint, and a fracture causes unbearable pain and swelling.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome is another reason for the wrist’s aching, weakness, and numbness. Constant pressure on a nerve in the wrist causes such pain. This, too, may take a few months to be treated and recover completely.
  • The most common issue is rheumatoid arthritis, which can make wrists swollen and tender.
  • Many patients complain of wrist Sprain with none of the above reasons and are diagnosed with gout and pseudogout.


It is a very painful yet common form of inflammatory arthritis. Gout flares start suddenly and can last for a few weeks.


Sudden pain and swelling in more than one Joint are known as pseudogout. This, too, can last for a few weeks.

What Causes and What Are the Symptoms of Wrist Sprain
What Causes and What Are the Symptoms of Wrist Sprain

How to Heal a Sprained Wrist Fast?

The treatments for wrist Sprain depend on the type of injury or cause. It is very important to measure the severity. Your wrist may need a protective brace depending on the injury’s severity. If it’s a fracture and takes too long to get stable, it may require surgery. However, a brace or cast PR splint may comfort the wrist slightly and ease the pain.

Healthcare providers do recommend a list of practices that helps in the treatment:

  • Injectable and oral medications to relieve pain
  • To release the pressure on the nerve, carpal tunnel surgery can opt
  • Releasing the compressed tendons through surgery
  • Surgical removal of bone from wrist to cure bone-on-bone adjustment due to arthritis,
  • Removing wrist debridement, the inflamed tissue through arthroscopic or open technique.

Healing a sprained wrist:

The good part about sprains is that they can be treated and healed at home with self-care and minor medications. All they require is a little rest and time. Also, it is recommended to;

  • Give your wrist rest for at least 48 hours
  • Icing is essential. It reduces swelling and eases pain. Continue it until the pain is gone completely.
  • Grip the wrist with a brace or bandage
  • Keep the wrist above your chest, and rest it on a pillow while lying down.
  • Pain killers (anti-inflammatory) help a lot. Motrin, Advil, or Aleve are a few good recommendations, but it’s better not to rely on them since they have side effects.
  • Usage of a splint is mandatory and should only be used for a short period. Excessive use of a splint can weaken and stiffen the muscles.
  • Exercises to strengthen muscles and simple stretching moves as prescribed and recommended by the doctor are necessary.

What Is The Best WRIST & THUMB Brace for Wrist Sprain?

Along with the medications, exercises, and strong will, it is important to have a reliable and quality assured brace for the grip of the wrist and thumb. In addition, it is vital in healing a sprained wrist or a fractured joint.

WorldBrace brings you range of braces specifically designed for the wrist joint and its injuries. The thumb and wrist brace is designed with ultra-comfortable, breathable, and lightweight fabric. It helps in recovery and lets the joint heal while easing the pain. It comes with a custom and comfortable fit and excellent stability. In addition, WorldBrace’s thumb and wrist braces are easy to use and washable.


Basic First Aid : How to Treat a Sprained Wrist


The complete recovery requires at least two to ten weeks. However, the healing period depends on the severity of the injury.

The condition of sprains allows the slow movement of the wrist joint but is painful, while a broken wrist cannot be moved and faces massive swelling and unbearable pain.



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