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Answers to most of your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This page aims to answer some essential questions regarding our sports brace manufacturing services and business practices we follow at WorldBrace. We strongly recommend checking it if you have any doubts.


We’re equipped to manufacture all kinds of sports brace products for men, women, and kids in wrist brace, thumb brace, elbow brace, shoulder brace, ankle brace, knee brace, posture brace, back brace, and body shaper.

We are happy with long-term contracts where our buyers provide us with forecasts for their monthly requirements, therefore we can then easily organize raw material and control contingencies to provide regular ready product deliveries on time.

We can be in touch with each other via phone, email, or instant messengers – whichever you prefer. 

It is possible to have a video conference over Skype with us, if you would like to talk in person and discuss further your ideas. We can also produce a prototype for you, which can be then be delivered to you via a courier service in 7 days.

 While walk-in / pop-up meetings are not possible at this moment, we’re always happy to schedule a meeting for you.

First, we would request you to share a brief about your requirement with supporting tech pack or sketches, or a sample image with quantity details so that we can begin the quoting process for you. Once we understand your requirement (whether it is the right fit or not) we can schedule a meeting ensuring that our key persons are available to attain you and we can have a productive meeting at our facility.

 Since our customers have various requirements,our prices are not fixed. Therefore,  we need to know your design detailing, specification (material name at least), and total quantity (whatever small or big) which you want us to produce for you; accordingly, we will work out the production prices. In a true sense, we’re a custom sports brace manufacturer and operate on a  “made-to-order” basis.

With the best of our manufacturing experience, we strongly feel that – such thing is impossible in our industry. Cheap usually means poor quality material, and unethical and/or bad business practices. However, quaility is our strongest commitment and we would not provide anyone with low-quality products, even with a cheap price!

Generally, for single printed styles, the MOQ can be as low as approximately 1000 Pcs.

However, the best will be that if you get this confirmed once you share your requirement with us. Considering the work involved with the design, the minimum keeps increasing and decreasing.

Producing 100 units or 10000 units of a style requires the same set-up time and process therefore it becomes not cost-effective for the factories like us to produce less than the minimum.

Depending on the design and the materials required for the sample development it can vary somewhere between 1-4 weeks from the date we receive complete the required information and sampling payment.

You’re kindly requested to fill the contact us form as step one. Once we receive your inquiry, our team will ​assess your given details and will contact you through email. We may take 24 hours of time to respond.

General & Design

We’re equipped to provide all kinds of fabric printing. All you need to provide is the print pattern/design (PDF format). We will first show you a sample, and once you give your approval then we proceed for bulk quantity.

Yes! All you need to define your color code. We prefer Pantone and the work will be easier if you can share the right Pantone® shade code so that we can follow the same here for you.

For any reason, Pantone® reference is not convenient to you then please tell us. We can send you another option for the color. This will be a cheaper option but you will have to compromise with limited color/shade variants.

There is another option is that you send your fabric swatch in the desired color. We will check the availability of the same fabric same color with our supplier. If we find that, we can send you and take it forward. If not, we can give you similar options in the same fabric and in nearby color options.

We at NG Apparels have a non-disclosure policy and thus your designs are not shown, shared, or given for reference to any other person outside the company’s eco-system.

However, certain designs can be showcased in our factory’s sample room for reference only after a certain period of time (when it’s no longer fresh). We do not manufacture the same designs for any other client.

Moreover, we are also open to signing an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with you as we take your privacy seriously.

The design files are required in a format that don’t pixelate (vectorized) when we try to increase the size of the design. Thus, we recommend .ai (Adobe Illustrator) file but we can also work with .pdf, .jpeg, .eps and .tiff files.

Of course. The sample is a product that represents a group of products or lots. The sample will reflect the quality and workmanship of the manufacturer. Samples are inevitably an important part of the sports brace manufacturing business. Sampling procedure in our industry is an important activity for order acceptance as the buyer generally places the order after getting satisfied with the quality of the samples. Hence it can be said that samples are a bridge between buyers and manufacturers.

At Worldbrace, we have a dedicated sampling department that works for the entire sampling process. There are various types of samples that we develop; some of them are listed below:

Proto Samples- These are made after receiving the order sheets, and are the very initial sets of samples sent to the buyer. The design and style are communicated. Once the proto samples are approved, fit samples are developed.

Fit Samples- These are designed to check the measurements, fit, and style. Details of the construction of the product and standards needed to be maintained by the manufacturer are maintained in these samples. Certain times these samples are tried on models to check the fitting and the fall of the garment.

Size Samples- These are sent to the buyers once the fitting is approved in small, medium, large, and other sizes as per the requirement. Mass cutting of fabrics begins only once the final approval of all the sizes is received.

Pre-production Samples- These are the samples, which are made in the production department once all the above sampling approvals are received. After a full and final approval is received from the buyer, the actual production can proceed.

Sampling also gives an idea regarding the time and cost that the manufacturer will require completing the whole order, and delivering the products in time. It can be concluded that sampling in manufacturing is of utmost significance not just to the manufacturer but also to the buyer.

Shipping & Logistics

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We are located in Ningbo, east of China, which is the biggest port in the world. Our factory is only an hour away from the port.

The shipping cost always depends on two things – weight and destination. Hence if you are ready with these two pieces of information, we can give you an estimated shipping cost.

However, please note that due to frequent changes in the rate of fuel surcharge, and applicable taxes; the shipping cost keeps varying from time to time. Also, the estimated weight of the consignment affects the actual shipping cost.

Hence it is not possible to give you the exact shipping cost way prior to the time of shipment. In fact, to make it simple we quote ex-factory or FOB price (without freight). Once the consignment is ready, we negotiate with different carriers and arrange the most cost-effective as well as the hassle-free shipment for you.

We have a dedicated team in place which offers hassle-free logistic solutions for your consignment including documentation, customs clearance, and doorstep delivery.

we can deliver the products to you via air or sea, where air takes up to 5-7 days and sea around 35 – 45 days.


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