What exactly is a Thoracolumbosacral Orthosis (TLSO) Back Brace?

TLSO Back Braces

Several back conditions make the life of patients uncomfortable. And to save you from certain discomfort and pain, thoracolumbosacral orthosis (TLSO) braces can greatly help. TLSO is the region of the back where these braces support. This region includes the thoracic, sacrum, and lumbar parts of the spine.

The thoracolumbar region is the region of the spine where the thoracic and lumbar sections meet. TLSO braces are known to put pressure on a person’s unnatural curves and then eventually slow down the growth of the curve to eliminate pain. In addition, these braces can be used if you are diagnosed with a spinal deformity or a spinal disorder.

If you are on the outlook for an upper back brace or any specific condition like kyphosis, scoliosis, herniated disc, or a spinal fracture, then the TLSO brace by Worldbrace can be a good fit for you.

Which TLSO Brace Helps with Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a usual condition that occurs in individuals of all age groups but especially in old age women. This condition primarily results from the body producing too much or too little bone. As a result, the bones become weak and brittle, which makes them more prone to injuries and fractures. If such a condition is left untreated, it can lead to kyphosis.

Although there are several osteoporosis treatments and specific preventive measures that can help cure osteoporosis, they can be maintained, or probably the symptoms can be minimized by following a nutritious diet and taking foods rich in calcium. Calcium-rich foods like cheese, milk, greens, and fruits help strengthen the bone. Osteoporosis can also be cured by exercising.

Several support braces help stabilize the spine and minimize the risk of fractures. It is also helpful in reducing the thoracolumbar back pain and stiffness associated with osteoporosis. The gentle Brace by Worldbrace is exceptionally durable and perfect for treating osteoporosis. In addition, this Brace helps remove the extra burden from your back muscles.


Which TLSO Brace Helps Spinal Fractures?

It should be noted that fractures in the spine happen due to osteoporosis and can also occur with significant trauma such as an accident, gunshot, or any considerable fall. These injuries lead to major thoracolumbar injuries and result in severe pain among patients. In many cases, surgeries are required to stabilize and immobilize the spines.

Anti-inflammatory medicines can also ease the pain if you suffer from a spinal fracture. However, physical therapy can also be a great option that helps strengthen the back and spine. Taking food rich in calcium and vitamin D can also help.

Braces are extremely helpful in treating osteoporosis because it provides external support to the inferior spine and the scapula to the sacrococcygeal junction. Hence relieving the patients. Back braces for compression fractures work on the mechanical pulley principle, making it a breeze to put it and adjust accordingly. Braces can also be worn for pre and post surgeries.

Which TLSO Brace Helps Scoliosis?

TLSO braces are helpful in scoliosis, which is a condition in which a side curvature appears on the spine while you are growing. There are various reasons for the occurrence of scoliosis, some of which are cerebral palsy, congenital disabilities, injuries to the spine, or any muscular dystrophy. Although several cases are mild, deformities can worsen with time. For treating gentle curves, several check-ups and medications can be helpful. Also, monitoring the angle from time to time and taking preventive measures like putting on braces and avoiding certain activities can help effectively cure scoliosis.


Which TLSO Brace Helps Kyphosis?

Kyphosis is another condition that occurs when an unusual spine bend occurs. In this condition, an exaggerated arc happens in the spine and is also known as a round back or hunchback. It mostly happens in older women. This condition is often a side effect of osteoporosis due to the weakening of the spinal bones.

Kyphosis cannot be treated alone, and its treatment is often reflected due to the underlying causes and the patient’s age. Anti-inflammatory medicines and strength training can be valuable methods to minimize the pain and strengthen the bones over the due course of time. In addition, wearing protective TLSO braces can help prevent further damage to the bones.


Which TLSO Brace Helps a Herniated Disc?

Herniated discs in the spine can occur due to some causes and injuries, or aging can be the primary ones. Your spinal bones consist of individual bones covered with discs or cushions in between them. When these disc ruptures, it forces them via a crack in the outer region, resulting in pain and discomfort. Disk generation is the term used to overuse the spin, which results in a herniated disc.

To recover from herniated discs, patients are advised to take anti-inflammatory medicines and adopt specific physical therapies which will help minimize the pain. Icing the area can also help soothe the nerves. In rare cases, surgery is advisable.

The herniated disc brace available at Worldbrace is proven effective in treating herniated discs. Other braces like spine stabilization brace and thoracic postural Brace are also helpful.




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