Thumb Sprain: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment By Wrist & Thumb Braces

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What is Thumb Sprain?

Thumb Sprain, also known as Thumb arthritis, is a common affliction for skiers and athletes who play sports using hand muscles and a firm hand grip. These sports, like football, baseball, and basketball, require catching and tossing a ball and are prone to thumb sprain.

Besides sports injury, thumb sprain usually develops during or after age 40. Both men and women can suffer from the condition. However, studies show that this condition mainly impacts women. In contrast, thumb arthritis is more common due to a hereditary susceptibility.

A thumb sprain is a common injury where a ligament stretches or tears within your thumb joint. In severe thumb sprains, the ligament may be completely torn, which can cause instability in the joint and loss of function. A ligament can be injured or torn when the joint suddenly moves (twisted or pulled) beyond its normal range of motion.  

What is Thumb Sprain
What is Thumb Sprain

What Causes Thumb Sprain, and What Does It Feel Like?

It can be painful when the ulnar collateral ligament is stretched or torn. This type of injury is most often caused by falling onto an outstretched hand, which puts a lot of force on the thumb. The ulnar collateral ligament helps keep the thumb in place, so when it is damaged, it can force it out of business.

This can make it challenging to use the hand for everyday activities. Surgery may be necessary to repair the ligament if the thumb sprain injury is severe.


Symptoms of a thumb sprain include 

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Bruising at the joint.
What Causes Thumb Sprain, and What Does It Feel Like
What Causes Thumb Sprain, and What Does It Feel Like

How to Treat Sprained Thumb (Treatment)?

Treatment for a thumb sprain typically involves immobilization of the joint with a splint or cast, followed by physical therapy to help regain range of motion and strength. Surgery may be necessary in some cases.

Treatment for a sprain typically involves rest, icing, and elevation of the affected joint.

Home Therapy

If you have a mild thumb sprain, your treatment will usually involve the RICE protocol. RICE stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation. 

  • Rest:Give your hand a 48 hours rest.
  • Icing:Ice reduces swelling, so apply it to the thumb sprain as soon as possible but not directly on the skin. I suggest you use cold packs for 20 minutes throughout the day. 
  • Compression:To minimize swelling, put on an elastic compression bandage. You can use a wrist and thumb brace. 
  • Elevation:Whenever you lie down, elevate your hand above your heart.

You can use aspirin and ibuprofen, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines (NSAIDs), to help lessen discomfort and swelling. But see a doctor upon feeling pain and swelling longer than 48 hours.

What is the Best WRIST & THUMB Brace for Thumb Sprain in Elbow?

If you’re suffering from pain in your wrist, arm, thumb, or hand, a thumb and wrist brace may be able to help. So if you are looking for something comfortable yet healing, you will find relief at WorldBrace.

WorldBrace has one of the best wrist and thumb braces that support your wrist and thumb and help to keep your hand in a neutral position. This will take the pressure off your joints and help reduce your pain. 

WorldBrace thumb and wrist braces have specific features that make them the only thumb sprain solution:


  • It is a highly comfortable fabric
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  • It can be adjusted and is universal.
  • You can carry and remove it with ease because of the ergonomic design.

Common Conditions Of The Thumb - Everything You Need To Know


A broken thumb makes you feel numbness, tingling, and severe pain, whereas a thumb sprain can result in discomfort, bruising, and swelling.

A moderate sprain recovers in 4 to 6 weeks, whereas a Grade 3 thumb sprain can take months to recover, given that you are using a thumb brace and not overusing it. 




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