Shoulder Separation: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment By Shoulder Braces

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What is a Separated Shoulder?

Shoulder separation can surely be one of the most painful injuries. In medical terms, it occurs with ligaments present in a specific area of the body tear. This area is the bone joint of the shoulder blade and collarbone. In worst cases, the shoulder blade is wholly disconnected from the collarbone. Shoulder separations are experienced mainly by young, agile individuals involved in vital tasks.

What is a Separated Shoulder?
What is a Separated Shoulder?

Shoulder Separation vs. Dislocation

Many people do not know that shoulder separation and dislocation are different medical issues. A dislocated shoulder usually occurs due to sports injuries. Professional athletes put their bodies to the test, and shoulder dislocation results due to an incorrect posture. In case of a dislocation, the shoulder is detached from its socket, causing immense pain. Through therapy and other techniques, its original placement has to be resumed.

In simple terms, shoulder separation occurs when the shoulder blade and collar bone lose connection due to injury or other reasons.

Separated Shoulder symptoms

Separated Shoulder symptoms
Separated Shoulder symptoms

Separated Shoulder Treatment and Recovery Time

Having a separated shoulder is a harrowing experience, and timely treatment is essential. In addition, the relief depends on whether the correct treatment tips have been used. To start with, ice should be applied to the AC joint to reduce pain. However, the ice bag should not interact with the skin for long as this can cause rashes. When the separation is fresh, the ice bag should be applied for 20 to 25 minutes daily. However, this time can be reduced to 5 minutes per day.

A shoulder brace is essential to keep the collar phone and shoulder blade together. It works on the AC joint and heals the injury. However, before making a purchase, ensure that a reliable brand has been selected. Sub-standard braces can worsen the separation instead of healing it.

The recovery time is dependent on several factors, including how careful a person is. Shoulder separations require relaxation to be cured. Physical activities should be avoided so that no further stress is exerted. If all the preventive measures are taken, 1 to 2 weeks are required for complete recovery on an average scale.

In worst situations, home treatment and self-care do not work well, and a professional physician must provide a recovery plan. Usually, doctors advise multiple physiotherapy sessions, so the joint heals properly and gradually.


What is the best brace for Shoulder Separation?

If you have faced a shoulder separation injury, selecting the right brace is the first thing you should consider. Quality braces have a strong strap that clings to the body’s center and keeps it stable. For healing shoulder separation, stable body positioning is crucial. In addition, braces with a strong strap prevent the body from unwanted movement.

Low-quality straps cover the chest area, which causes difficulty in breathing. However, WorldBrace ensures that the highest quality shoulder braces are crafted for people going through separations. The company produces top-standard mounts that provide a solid grip to keep the collar bone and shoulder joint together. These shoulder braces are ideal for healing the AC joint.

Since its founding in 2001, WorldBrace has been China’s preeminent manufacturer and supplier of shoulder braces of the highest possible quality. It is our joy to give the best shoulder brace since we have more than 20 years of experience in this field.

Shoulder Dislocation and Repair


One of the critical impacts is a severe pain level with a needle-piercing feel. The pain has its highest intensity at the top area of the shoulder. Other than that, the separated shoulder has a bent-down look and portrays an abnormal appearance.

A shoulder separation requires an average of one to two weeks to heal. However, the time span may increase if there is any other medical condition like diabetes.



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