Coccydynia: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment By Back Braces

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What are Coccydynia symptoms?

Many types of pain are reported across the globe. Do you know which pain is most rare? Pain at the lower end of your spinal cord is the rarest pain. It can be due to Coccydynia as well.

Your spinal cord is a series of different vertebrae. The bottom of your spinal cord has a triangular type bone connected to the scrum. This triangular bone is called Coccyx. We also call it a tailbone because of its shape. Fracture or bruise in this Coccyx can cause severe pain that is called Coccydynia.

What are Coccydynia symptoms?
What are Coccydynia symptoms?

What causes and what are the symptoms of Coccydynia?

To know this Coccydynia, one needs to be a master of its field. Its causes vary from standard to unusual activities as well.


  • Fall on your Back

Tailbone pain is caused by a common incident that happens once every life, a fall on your back. You might have slept on a wet floor, playing sports, or doing any other activity. Falling on your back can cause a bruise or fracture in Coccyx, leading to Coccydynia.

  • Obese People

People who are obese might not feel any symptoms at a young age. Their extra weight is consistently hurting their body structure. Obesity is one of the main reasons behind tailbone pain. Sitting for most of the time with excess weight will cause you Coccydynia.

  • Certain Sports

Sports like bicycling require repetitive motion of muscles while bending. Tailbone pain caused by sports is also called repetitive strain injury.

  • Pregnancy

Your body goes through different advancements during your pregnancy period. Especially in the last three months of pregnancy, some changes are naturally made in muscles and ligaments that can cause Coccydynia.


  • Pain while standing up.
  • Pain during sitting for a long time.
  • It relieves pain while walking.
  • Pain during Pooping.
  • It creates intense shooting pain at the tailbone.
  • Pain in the buttock.
What causes and what are the symptoms of Coccydynia?
What causes and what are the symptoms of Coccydynia?

How to treat Coccydynia Symptoms?

Treatment of Coccydynia varies according to the condition. Home remedies are also available to get rid of tailbone pain.


Massage therapy is the best way to reduce tailbone pain at home. Perform the muscle massage to get rid of this pain.

Ice Therapy

Ice bags are the best friends for you in this condition. Do the ice therapy on your Coccyx for 10 to 15 minutes. It will give you a relaxing experience. Also, doing ice therapy on related muscles can be helpful.


Home remedies might not work in case of a severe disorder. Contact your physician, and he may refer you to a physiotherapist. Physical therapy is performed by applying heat and doing different stretching exercises on the affected area.


Alarming conditions of tailbone that may lead to the surgery are severe fractures caused by any fall. Coccygectomy is performed by surgeons in which extra vertebrae are cut. It will remove the Coccydynia immediately.

Improved Lifestyle

Improving your lifestyle may also help you in treating the Coccydynia symptoms. Use a proper place for sitting and avoid sitting in little areas. Use a cushion for a long time sitting. Also, try to use a high-quality back brace for an improved lifestyle.

What is the best back brace for Coccydynia Symptoms?

Treating Coccydynia is not a big deal for WorldBrace. It has introduced some premium levels of medical braces. Its braces will give power to the tailbone. It also applies heat to keep the spinal cord perfect in size.

Tailbone (Coccyx) Pain Relief - Ask Doctor Jo


CT Scan, X-Ray, and MRI are the best ways to diagnose Coccydynia.

Sitting for more extended periods, pregnancy, and falling on your back are the most common causes of Coccydynia.



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