Patellar Tendon Pain: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment By Knee Braces

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What is Patellar Tendon Pain?

The patellar tendon is a muscle connected to our knees. It helps us in running, kicking, and jumping. Patellar tendon pain is also known as Patellar tendinitis or jumper’s knees. It is a common injury caused by continuous stress on your patellar tendons. It is mainly found in athletes whose sports include jumping, specifically, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics, figure skating, rugby, etc.

Once the tendon starts tearing off, it starts causing pain in the knee(s), the first symptom of Patellar tendinitis. You may initially only experience knee pain when you begin exercising or immediately after a strenuous workout. Over time, the pain worsens and interferes with your ability to play your sport. The pain eventually interferes with everyday activities like climbing stairs or getting out of a chair.

Patellar Tendon Pain affects an estimated 14.4 per cent of recreational volleyball players. For top professional athletes, the prevalence is even higher. The Trusted Source of elite volleyball play is 40 to 50 per cent.

What is Patellar Tendon Pain?
What is Patellar Tendon Pain?

Knee Pain Patellar Tendon Symptoms

The stress provided at the tendons causes tiny tears in the tendons, which starts inflammation; however, your body tends to recover the injured tendons, but continuous stress or continuous jumps doesn’t allow it to heal or recover, and the tears start multiplying, which causes more pain, and the tendons weaken. Tendinopathy aaoccurs when Patellar tendinitis lasts longer than two weeks.

Following are the major symptoms of Tendon pain:

  • Tense leg muscles
  • unbalanced muscle strength in the legs, misaligned feet, ankles, and legs
  • obesity shoes with insufficient padding on hard playing surfaces
  • chronic diseases that deteriorate the tendon
Knee Pain Patellar Tendon Symptoms
Knee Pain Patellar Tendon Symptoms

Patellar Tendon Pain due to squats

Squats are the basic position found in most exercises and sports; even if you need to pick up a pencil from the ground, you need to squat down first. In any case, you may experience pain in this position from time to time. Depending on the cause, discomfort may occur under your kneecap or in other parts of the joint.

The wrong squat position is one of the reasons for patellar tendinitis. It will put pressure on the knees rather than on the thighs or glutes, which can affect the knees’ tendons.

A sprain can be caused by twisting the knee awkwardly while squatting. They are uncomfortable and can result in swelling. As a result of these injuries, squatting and other knee-related exercises can be painful. Walking or bearing weight on a sprained knee may also be difficult.

How to fix Patellar Tendon Pain?

You should refrain from participating in any activities that may have contributed to the injury, such as jumping and high-impact sports. You should also give rest to the affected leg, apply ice to the affected area, and take anti-inflammatory medications. These measures can aid in reducing swelling, which in turn can aid in the relief of pain.

Brace straps are one of the treatments as well. Unfortunately, despite numerous anecdotal reports of their efficacy, the precise mechanism of patellar tendon straps’ work is unknown.

What is the best Patellar tendon brace?

Patellar tendon brace straps are the best to date. It is also known as infra-patellar straps are used for patellar tendonitis treatment to relieve pain and strain on the tendon. 

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How to Fix Patellar Tendonitis (No More KNEE PAIN!)


Patellofemoral pain syndrome, also known as ‘Runner’s knee,’ is quite common. It is caused by the abnormal movements of the kneecap on the thigh bone, which results in pain in front of the kneecap. Whereas, Patellar tendonitis, also known as ‘Jumper’s knee,’ occurs when there is a tear or strain in the tendons, which causes severe pain and inflammation.

Yes, Patellar Tendonitis weakens the calf and can cause severe pain. Initially, the pain might be less, but later on, it can reduce due to multiple muscle tears.



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