Right Back Pain: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment By Back Braces

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What is Lower Back Pain's right side?

Some people feel a sudden jerk in their lower back while doing physical activities such as sports, athletics, or lifting something heavy. This jerk soon converts into intense shooting pain in the back, especially on the right side.

Lower back pain right side can be a foreshadowing of something serious. The main reasons behind this intense pain are sprains and strains. Thanks to medical braces, sprains and strains can be dealt with at home.

What is Lower Back Pain's right side

What causes Right back pain?

Two main things cause the right back pain. The first of them is sprain or strain and the second one is internal organs. Let’s talk about themes and sprains first.

Spinal Stenosis

Our spinal cord is the most crucial organ of our body. It ensures most of the work during any physical activity. Sometimes, the spinal canal through which the cord goes gets narrowed. It can be the result of a medical condition, and it can lead to severe right back pain.


A spinal nerve supports a spinal cord at our back. This nerve flows downside toward the legs as well. Compression of this spinal nerve due to any reason is called lumbar radiculopathy. Lumbar radiculopathy is one of the main reasons for right back pain.

Muscle Strain

Bones at our backside or connected through muscles and tendons. Overstretching the tendon or muscle can tear it, resulting in severe right back pain. Overstretching occurs during any sports or physical activity.

Internal Organs

Strains and Sprains are not the only reason behind this right back pain. Some infections and conditions of internal organs can also be a reason.

Kidney Stones

The kidney is our body’s primary organ responsible for flushing waste from the body. As all type of waste passes through the kidney, some particle may form a stone altogether. A kidney stone can cause pain in the right-back and left back.


The appendix is a finger-shaped organ in our abdomen. The primary purpose of the appendix is not sure, but it can irritate if infected. Infection and inflammation in the appendix are called Appendicitis. Appendicitis is one of the most intense pains on the right lower back side.

How to relieve upper and right side back pain(treatment)

Relieving the back pain on either side varies on the cause of pain.

Physical Exercises

If the back pain is caused by any sprain or strain condition, it can be relieved through exercises. Your doctor may also refer you to a physiotherapist for relaxing activities.

Ice Therapy

A simple back pain caused by any muscle, tendon, or ligament can be relieved at home. Apply the ice bag to it for 10 to 20 minutes a day. Repeat it three times to reduce pain.

Medical Braces and NSAIDs

A pain caused by overstretching muscle, tendon, or ligament can also go away with nonsteroidal anti-inflammation medicines. Use back braces for right back pain as it can give you soothing effects in pain.

Surgery and other Treatments

If the right-back pain is caused by any internal infection such as kidney stone or Appendicitis, it will need you to admit to the hospital. Medical staff will follow complete treatment to recover you from injury. Appendicitis usually requires minor surgery.

How long do pain and stiffness last after back replacement

Replacing the disc through surgery is a less known way of preventing right back pain. It can cause stiffness and pain that can last for five months.

Use Back Braces for Right Back Pain

Using the back medical braces for muscles related pain can be very effective. A good back brace will keep your weight off your back. It helps the back to recover quickly.

Many people who survived right back pain have mentioned the back braces by WorldBrace.  WorldBrace is known for producing a comfortable and flexible mounting. Also, these braces give lost strength back to the muscles.

Lower back pain on Right side - QL stretch for back pain


Yes, some of the right-back pain is caused by Appendicitis, which is very intense.

A gallstone lower back pain is the same as kidney stone back pain.



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