Finger Fractures: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment By Wrist & Thumb Braces

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What are Finger Fractures?

Bones are hard, however, not enough to take excessive force. If you apply only slight bone-breaking pressure then a bone will crack, however, if an injury like that of a car accident happens, your bone might shatter to pieces.

Even though the bones in your fingers are small however finger fracture is not a minor injury. If the particles of the crushed bone stick to your skin, there are chances of infection in the skin along with the bone. Taking it as a minor injury will only further lead you to excessive pain and delay the inevitable.

Any injury on the bones of your fingers also called phalanges when breaks the bone, is called a finger fracture. Every finger consists of 3 phalanges whereas a thumb contains 2 phalanges. Any of these phalanges can break when exhibiting excessive pressure on them.

Short-term home remedies like icing do help soothe the pain for the time being, however, consulting a doctor is mandatory as bone breakage cannot be treated at home. Once consulted with a doctor, you will either end up with a splint for self-recovery of the bone or might even be suggested surgery if the situation is bad.

What are Finger Fractures?
What are Finger Fractures?

What Causes Finger Fractures?

There are several injuries to the hand that can lead to a finger fracture, some of them are mentioned below:

  • When your fingers get slammed in a door or you try to land on your hand when backflipping.
  • When you have Osteoporosis, this condition weakens your bones and makes them easily breakable.
  • Athletes do commonly face stress fractures as they overuse their hands in a similar motion repetitively.
  • Using machines like drills and hammers too can cause finger fractures.
  • Catching balls and excessive sports like Rugby can also lead to breaking your phalanges.

How Do You Fix a Fractured Finger and Treatment?

There are two ways to treat a fractured finger, one is surgical treatment and the other is non-surgical.

Nonsurgical treatments do not require any surgery however they must be done by a doctor himself after declaring that no surgery is required. The doctor usually puts the bone back together in place and recommends a cast or a brace to keep the hand movements limited.

The hand’s progress is measured by taking X-rays over time and the brace is to be removed once the hand heals completely.

On the other hand, surgical treatments involve pins, wires, and screws that hold your bones together until they heal. Surgeries are however performed on severe fractures that cannot heal by themselves. Fractures that involve metacarpophalangeal joints, and thumb interphalangeal joints usually need surgeries and cannot be treated otherwise.

Once the surgery is done a person can get back to routine work within 8 weeks or less depending upon the age and health of the person.

What is the best Wrist & Thumb Brace for Finger Fractures?

The best wrist and thumb brace for your fractures is the Copper Wrist Brace by WorldBrace  The copper fabric in the brace helps heal the hand and gain its full strength. It comes with suspenders that gives you a relaxing sleep during the night providing full support to your hand to rest.

With the copper compression band, the hand stays immobile for the rest of the day. It is washable; however, the copper elements do not wear out if washed. It can be worn all day to help support your daily routine work to carry out without your hand being pressured.

Bone fracture and its recovery all depend upon the overall health and the severity of the injury. However, finger fractures heal at a faster pace if proper hand therapies are given.

There are several ways one can avoid the easy breaking of the phalanges. Such as eating healthy, practicing regularly with the appropriate equipment, and doing regular checkups and exercises that ensure your bones are strong enough to take a few blows.

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Finger Fractures - Everything You Need To Know - Dr. Nabil Ebraheim


Depending upon the severity of the injury it may take 6 to 9 weeks to heal completely or even more if the bone has broken or shattered badly. However, it will take you 3 to 4 months to use your hand with regular speed and strength.

It is difficult to locate a fracture soon after an injury, it may seem that either you have a fracture, or your fingers are simply jammed. However, you should look for symptoms such as swelling, numbness, and severe pain while moving the finger.



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