Elbow Hyperextension:Symptoms, Causes, Treatment By Arthritis Braces

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What is Elbow Hyperextension?

Elbow hyperextension is a name of injury to the muscles, ligaments, or bones. When you overstretch your elbow, and it goes out of its limit, you will face this Elbow Hyperextension issue. It can take you to serious injury as well.

Contact sports and jobs that require lifting weight hardcore can give you a cracking sound from your elbow. Most people do not feel any numbness after this cracking sound. Some people face Elbow Hyperextension after this incident.

What is Elbow Hyperextension?
What is Elbow Hyperextension?

What causes Elbow Hyperextension?

Most people who are involved in contact sports can face Elbow Hyperextension. Sports like football, boxing, and Tennis are most likely to cause Elbow Hyperextension. Not just sports, overstretching your elbow during any other physical activity will cause this problem. We need to understand the human anatomy for its causes. Our arm has three joints; the Humeroulnar joint is the most important. It connects the arm at the elbow and makes our arm flexible. This humeroulnar joint has its limit that will cause Elbow Hyperextension if exceeded in any scenario.


  • Redness in the elbow.
  • Pain when extending the elbow.
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Loss of elbow motion.
  • Numbness in Arm.
  • Swelling and Pain.

Elbow Hyperextension Symptoms

Elbow Hyperextension Symptoms
Elbow Hyperextension Symptoms

Elbow Hyperextension Injury Exercises and Treatment

Our body is designed in such a manner that, in most cases, it heals itself. The same is the case for Elbow Hyperextension recovery. You don’t need any surgery to cure this condition. Home remedies are enough for you to be cured. Although, a fracture in bone would need surgery. Treatment of Elbow Hyperextension varies from severity and recovery of the elbow.

Ice Therapy

First and foremost, the plan is to apply the ice bag to the elbow. It will help you to reduce swelling and numbness. Also, apply a surgical bandage on it. The bandage also stops the immense swelling. Ice therapy for 10 to 20 minutes a day should be focused on initially.


As we mentioned earlier, this injury is most probably caused by contact sport or hardcore physical activity. To recover from this injury, you should forget about using this elbow for some time. Give this elbow a rest, don’t bend it entirely or use it in any manner.


Elbow can be recovered in a quick time if it is adequately elevated. Use pillows while sleeping. It keeps it high from your chest. It will reduce the swelling and pain with better blood flow in the affected area.

Elbow Brace

After getting rid of the swelling, you would like to return to your sports again. Don’t use this elbow immediately after recovery. If you are using this elbow, wear a high-quality elbow brace. A good elbow brace can help you to recover fully.

Physical Therapy

After you get better in swelling and pain, your health provider may ask you to be part of physical therapy. A physiotherapist will perform different exercises that will heal you in a quick time. Also, he will refer you to some simple exercises at home.


Raise your arms parallel to the ground, palm facing down. It will already stretch your elbow. You will feel a stretch towards your elbow when you press your wrist. This one is the most effective exercise recommended by doctors for elbow hyperextension.


Elbow Hyperextension can also cause a fracture of the bone. A fracture can only be healed by surgery.

What is the best elbow brace for Elbow Hyperextension?

The Elbow brace by WorldBrace is counted as the most acceptable for Elbow Hyperextension. Its pads are made to give a lenient feeling to the affected elbow. Also, it is incredibly comfortable to wear during sports or a full day.

How To Treat a Hyperextended Elbow and Speed Recovery


Elbow Hyperextension is not connected to Sepsis or any other germ that flows through blood.

No, Elbow Hyperextension cannot contribute to OCD in Elbows.



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