Runner’s Knee: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment by Knee Braces


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What is the runner's Knee?

Runner’s Knee is a situation where patients feel a dull pain in the front of the Knee (patella). Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome is the medical name for this problem. Patients can also feel rubbing, clicking, and grinding sounds when moving the Knee. The knee cap gets tender, which is against its original nature and is the cause of the runner’s knee pain.

It does not have to be caused by a structural problem always. In some cases, issues with the posture (way of walking and running) can result in causing Runner’s Knee.

Runner's Knee
Runner's Knee

How to cure runner's knees?

Runner’s knee treatments can vary depending upon your knee condition. But here are a few things you can do:

Rest – keep your Knee at rest and avid doing the rigorous movement, which is involved in activities like running, jogging, squatting, or more extended periods of sitting and standing.

Icing – while your Knee is in pain, you can use icing as the runner’s knee treatment as it reduces inflammation.

Wrap your Knee – elastic bandages can be wrapped around your Knee to give extra support to the muscles involved.

Exercising – your doctor can recommend a few exercises to stretch your knee muscles. With proper training, your patella can heal.

Use brace for runner’s Knee – using a runner’s knee brace is one of the other ways to treat the runner’s Knee. These braces can support your muscles and help you align your strengths in the right way. With constant use of knee support for runner’s, you can get rid of pain and inflammation.

How long does it take a runner's Knee to heal?

Runner’s Knee treatment is possible through the physiotherapy treatments recommended by your doctor. It usually involves runner’s knee exercises and posture corrections that can put your Knee back in position, lowering pain and diminishing all the symptoms.

If you abide by the doctor’s treatment altogether, the runner’s knee recovery time is 6-12 weeks approximately.

Mainly, surgery or invasive treatment is not required for the treatment of the runner’s Knee. But exercise involves persistence and stamina to bear the pain to get the Knee back in perfect condition.

Runner's Knee
Runner's Knee

How to prevent the runner's Knee from coming back?

Once you have defeated Runner’s Knee through exercising and brace support, you must take specific measures so it won’t come back and haunt you.

Warm-up your muscles – You have to warm up your muscles before running or exercising, stretching your muscles before a workout can make your knees ready.

Put in the effort to strengthen your leg muscles – Proper exercising, good posture, and a healthy diet are essential…

Let your knees rest – do not put extra pressure on your knees. Give them some time to rest and relax.

Use cold therapy – if you feel inflammation or pain in your Knee, use cold therapy to reduce muscle soreness.

You can expect to keep the Runner’s Knee away by following these tips.

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Yes, knee sleeves provide compression to the overall Knee. It reduces the inflammation and pain sensation, providing you with immediate comfort and helping in long-term healing.

Runner’s Knee can last from 4 to 6 weeks, depending upon the cause and the extent of the problem. To get a full recovery from the disease, a physiotherapist might recommend you exercises for 6-12 weeks. So, you can consult with your doctor to get a precise idea about your condition.



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