Burning Knee: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment By Burning Knee Braces

The burning knee

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What is Burning Knee?

Carpet or rug burns are quite common, also known as friction burns. These burns can be severe and deep and need extra care. The burnt area will be red and raw and must be bleeding or excreting fluid. In addition, these burns turn out to be dry wounds which are extremely painful.

The burning knee is quite common in kids and adults. A fall or a fight can give you those burning knees, but it heals in 2 weeks.

The severity of a carpet burn is measured through the depth of the wound. However, all burns cause damage to the skin, which is divided into three layers of tissues, namely, epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous. Friction burns exceed 1% to 2% in all types of burns. Modern friction burns are famous for very dangerous treadmill burns, especially for kids.

Burning Knee
Burning Knee

Why are my knees burning?

Knee burning is caused due to friction created between a rough surface and your skin. It starts with immediate and extreme burning and ends with a dry wound. The depth of the burn is measured in degrees as follows,

  • First-degree burn damages the epidermis and is usually caused by friction burns.
  • Second-degree burns: They damage the epidermis and the dermis, and at this moment, friction burns start bleeding.
  • Third-degree burns damage all three layers of the skin: epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous. These are the major and severe burns caused by friction.

Burning Knee symptom pictrue

Burning Knee symptom pictrue
Burning Knee symptom pictrue

What causes a burning knee?

If you fall or slip on a rug or even on a treadmill, instant friction will be created between your skin and the rough surface, causing these painful burns. First-degree burns are quite normal in adults as well. However, they are not taken seriously since they don’t cause much damage.

How to get rid of a carpet burn on your knees?

Falling on a rug or carpet causes friction which results in knee burns. An injury occurs when the skin rubs slightly or slides against a rough surface, such as carpets and rugs. You can overcome these burns by following these precautions.

  • Place your wound under running cold water.
  • Avoid using Alcohol or Hydrogen peroxide.
  • Clean and dry the wound with a germ-free soft cloth.
  • Apply an antibiotic ointment to reduce inflammation and avoid any bacterial infection.
  • Cover the wound with a loose bandage.
  • Watch the burn for any signs of infection.
  • Take extra vitamins for a speedy recovery.
  • Avoid applying lotions, powders, or oil.
  • Increase the usage of essential oils.
  • Use turmeric paste to deep clean the wound.

Once the wound is dried and isn’t bleeding, this signifies that your wound is healing and requires a few more antibiotic ointments.

What is the best knee brace for burning the knee?

A knee brace helps reduce the burning of the knee by supporting it. They are specially designed to overcome an injured knee and to further protect it from getting injured. The main purpose of a knee brace is to shift the weight of the damaged portion. This would ease down the burning sensation and allow one to walk easily.

The knee sleeve is a soft neoprene that helps in protecting the wound. It is highly recommended for injured knees. In the longer run, it can save you from carpet/rug burns and can keep your knees and elbows safe from such circumstances.

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3 Worrying Causes For Burning Knee Pain


Yes, knee problems cause severe burning and swelling in the thigh. In addition, you may feel swelling on your hip, back, and waist, which isn’t curable.

No, Prunes are antioxidants that help in recovering burnt skin. There is no way that they can cause burning knees. However, they help reduce inflamed skin. 



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