What exactly is Trigger Thumb?

Trigger Thumb Treatment

Trigger thumb is a coarse condition where the tendons of your thumb become inflamed. Since our thumb and fingers are covered with a tunnel-shaped structure called sheaths, inflammation no longer glides through the sheaths. Due to this condition, the base of your finger no longer functions effectively and locks ups. As a result, your fingers are stuck in a situation that is not normal for your body, which leads to extreme pain and discomfort.

This condition can happen anywhere, be it your thumb, middle, ring, or index finger. Since this condition can lead to discomfort and nagging pain, it is always better to look for all possible treatments that can work for you.

Remedies for Trigger Thumb

Although the pain is severe, the trigger thumb can be treated with conservative methods like bracing, thumb exercise, and physical therapy. Unfortunately, for some people, traditional treatment methods may not work out, and they need to take steroid injections or undergo surgery to get rid of the trigger thumb. Here we have laid down some of the possible treatments for trigger thumb.

Possible Non-Surgical Treatment for Trigger Thumb

Surgical treatment can give you instant relief and may seem like a one-stop solution for trigger thumb treatment. But before you decide to provide surgical treatments with a shot, we urge you to try conservative treatment methods, especially in cases of mild pain. Several instances of trigger thumb can be cured by various conventional methods under the provision of a physical therapist. If you are at the first stage of your trigger thumb, these home treatments can significantly help you.

Exercises For The Treatment of Trigger Thumb

Trigger thumb exercises are prominent to heal your trigger thumb and get it back to optimal functioning. Since the tendons are stretched while exercising, it helps in relieving the pain. It will also help prevent future problems besides just reducing the pain.

Rubber Band Exercise

The rubber band exercise stretches thumbs and fingers together by wrapping a rubber across them. This exercise helps in relieving the nerves and soothes the inflamed areas.

Finger-Lift Exercise

In this exercise, you must keep your hands attached to a flat surface and then focus on raising each finger. Particular attention should be given to the injured ones. Hold the fingers for a second or two, and then release slowly.

Splints for Trigger Thumb Solution

Splinting or bracing is one of the most common options to cure trigger thumbs. Although there are various reasons behind their popularity, soothing the tensed muscles tops the list. You can use sprints to eradicate your trigger thumb or use them when you have severe pain. Soft trigger thumb braces provide gentle support to the inflamed areas, which allow the patient to move their thumb effortlessly. At Worldbrace, we have plenty of braces options that are listed below:

Trigger Thumb Splint Pain Treatment Brace:

The trigger thumb splint pain treatment brace is a universal size brace that is highly recommended to treat any form of trigger thumb. The splints help properly move the thumbs and prevent them from getting stagnant. It is one of the most effective home treatments to cure the trigger thumb. Wearing a trigger thumb splint treatment brace will help eliminate inflammation and speed up your recovery. Since this is a more natural treatment, it is advisable to wear these braces when your thumb is not used for faster recovery.

Trigger Thumb Therapy Through Acupuncture:

Acupuncture is also recognized as a proven method to treat triggered thumbs. If you are suffering from nagging pain and going for surgery is not mindful for you, then this can be the best method to get rid of those pain and lay down in peace. There are several acupuncture points in the hands that help you to treat the trigger thumb. The ideal topics are called Maxie and jing well.

Physical Therapy Pain Relief for Trigger Thumb Natural Remedies:

Nothing more effective than personally visiting a physical therapist and discussing your pain points to get rid of the trigger thumb. A professional will help you seek through to your challenges and will tell you the desired steps that need to be taken to treat the inflammation. A therapist will give you the same exercise to help you release your stretched muscles and improve your finger’s mobility.

These conservative treatment methods are ideal for individuals who have just started to feel the pain of the trigger thumb or are prone to mild discomfort. Additionally, icing, heat packs, and anti-inflammatory medicine can help treat inflammation. Surgery is your only option if these methods do not work for you.

Steroid injections to fix trigger thumb: doctors often tend to begin the treatment by injecting steroid injections across the flexor sheath, which is the most effective form of treating trigger thumb. The injected steroids help unlock the tendons and improve the mobility of fingers.

Trigger thumb surgery: these surgeries are mainly of two types that the doctors use to treat trigger thumb- open surgery and percutaneous surgery. The surgery varies from individual to individual, depending upon the complexity of the pain. In open surgery, the tendon sheath is opened by making a small incision, and with percutaneous surgery, a needle is used to break the tendon blockage.



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