What Exactly is Trigger Finger or Stenosing Tenosynovitis?

Trigger Finger Treatment

Our fingers are made up of tendons that help in their movement. These tendons are usually covered in a tunnel-like tissue structure called a sheath. Normally our fingers can easily glide to an adequate length, but when our tendons are inflamed, the movement becomes difficult. Since the tendons are swollen, you cannot correctly slide your fingers; if this happens, the fingers lock, bend or knit. This condition can be excruciating and is known as the trigger finger.

What are the Causes of Trigger Fingers?

Although there is no significant cause of the trigger finger, certain activities and circumstances like repeated gripping can increase your chances of getting a triggered finger.

What are the Possible Natural At-Home Trigger Finger Treatments?

Thankfully, we have a few handpicked natural remedies that help cure trigger fingers. While some options include the involvement of a physical therapist, some are more conservative. Depending upon the complexity of your trigger finger, individuals can choose treatments.

However, it is ideal to consult a doctor who can help you choose some constructive measures for your treatment. Here are some of the possible treatments for trigger fingers that have proven results in relieving the fingers from nagging pain.

Suppose your trigger finger is pretty new and causes you mild pain. However, it affects your life but does not cripple you. Here’s something that you should try:

Treatment for Trigger Thumb or Finger Using Splints or Braces:

Trigger finger splints or braces are an effective method to treat the trigger finger because they immobilize the finger. It is one of the most prominent forms of treating the trigger finger. While applying the braces, you can still use your hands effectively. It provides gentle support to your fingers to do certain activities and prevents them from damaging further. It is ideal for wearing these braces at night to avoid complications and reduce pain while wearing them during the day.

These braces are also helpful in post-surgery situations and come in a universal size that removes the knick-knacks of worrying about swelling fingers. The adjustable height of the braces helps you wear them on any of your fingers, be it the index, middle, pinky, or ring. If you have a trigger finger on multiple fingers, you can try wearing braces for various fingers. This allows for immobilizing multiple fingers at a time.

Trigger Finger Therapy Through Acupuncture:

Acupuncture is a relief method from the nagging pain of the trigger finger. There are several acupuncture points in our hands, known as bauxite or jing well. 

Exercises for Trigger Finger Cure:

Gentle exercise is a great way to improve the mobility of your fingers and is an excellent practice to cure the trigger finger. Here are some of the exercises that will enhance your complexity related to trigger finger:

Rubber Band Exercise:

Rubber band exercise is an extensive exercise for the trigger finger that involves the muscles of fingers while wrapping and withdrawing them. The opening and closing of fingers across the band help in increasing mobility and relaxes the muscles.

Circle Finger Exercise:

In this exercise, patients must place their finger that is affected towards the thumb and create a circular shape with them. Hold your fingers in this position for several seconds. Repeat this exercise around ten times.

Physical Therapy Pain Relief for Trigger Finger:

Visiting a physical therapist can be an elevating step that can help you effectively cure your trigger finger. A therapist will walk you through generic and practical steps to help you with your conditions. For example, releasing the tension from your muscles can help you recover faster, and this can be done via specific stretching and exercise.

Conservative methods are consistently effective in treating mild cases of trigger fingers. If you are newly accustomed to this, applying heat or ice packs and taking anti-inflammatory medicines can be pretty helpful in curing them. Visiting a doctor is always the best option if you don’t see any relief through these methods.

If you have been suffering from trigger finger for a very long time and it is causing you nagging pain, then you should try this:


Hand Trigger Finger Treatment with Steroid Injections:

If you visit with any doctor to discuss your concerns about the trigger finger, they will most likely discuss taking steroid injections as a part of your first line of treatment. They generally prefer injecting a round or two of steroids before considering surgical treatments. These steroids are injected into the flexor sheath, which helps in reducing inflammation. It is considered to be one of the most common forms of treatment.

Trigger Finger Surgery:

Ideally, there are two forms of trigger finger surgery: open surgery and percutaneous surgery. Both of these surgeries involve splitting the A1 pulley by which the tendon is suffering from nagging pain.

What is the Trigger Finger Surgery Recovery like?

After the surgery, the movement of the fingers is still possible, and it is also recommended to recover quickly post-surgery. Although, there are specific precautions that a patient needs to take regardless of the movement to avoid injuries and splitting of tissues. Performing post-surgery exercises can help you to improve your range of motion.



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