Thoracic Upper Back & Spine Pain Braces

Thoracic Upper Back & Spine Pain Braces

Almost everyone in their lifetime mainly experiences upper back pain, which comes in numerous forms. This may include pain in your shoulder, back, or your shoulder blade. Unfortunately, upper back pain can be due to different things, and it is often difficult to diagnose. In this article, you will learn the potential forms of treatment for upper back pain.


What is The Anatomy of Your Spine?

The spine is an integral part of your body that constitutes the shape and support of the body. Without a crest, you won’t be able to stand upright, twist or bend your body. The spine is usually divided into three sections: Cervical, thoracic, and lumbar. Each team has a specific function.

Cervical spine: It helps in supporting the weight of the head and has the most incredible range of motion due to specialized vertebrae.

Thoracic spine: it supports the rib cage and helps protect the heart and the lungs. This spine acts as a body stabilizer and has a minimal range of motion.

Lumbar spine: It helps bear the body’s weight and absorbs the stress of lifting heavy objects.

What is the Pain I'm Feeling in my Thoracic Back?

Since the spine is a vital part of the human body, strain or illness can result in severe issues. However, different symptoms depict specific problems with the thoracic spine. Inevitable pain or pressure can become a medical condition related to the thoracic spine. Such conditions include Kyphosis, Scoliosis, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Herniated Disc, etc. one can also experience these conditions due to old age or genetics.

Are There Treatment Options for Thoracic-Related Medical Conditions?

Osteoporosis of the spine: when your bones become brittle and weak due to old age or genetics, the condition is often called osteoporosis. It is the primary condition that leads to several thoracic issues, including kyphosis. People above 35 are likely to experience such bone weakness and are at higher risk of injury. Usually, the symptoms of osteoporosis are an easily fractured bone. Luckily TLSO braces are effective in treating osteoporosis of the spine. It provides gentle support to the vertebrae and soothes the inflamed muscles.

Kyphosis: is a common condition seen in older women, generally a severe form of osteoporosis. It results in an excessive outward curvature of your spine, resulting in a hunched back. This condition can be treated in different ways. Practicing yoga and specific chest stretches can be pretty helpful in treating kyphosis. Along with exercise, you can also consider taking physical tools to help you recover quickly and provide adequate support to your spines. Since kyphosis is majorly related to the curvature of your back, wearing posture correction At Worldbrace, we have a wide variety of posture correcting braces that are easy to wear and adjustable. A thoracic spine brace is an excellent option for treating kyphosis.

Osteoarthritis of the spine is a degenerative form of arthritis commonly associated with aging. It tends to affect the spine’s facet joints, ligaments, and invertebrate discs. However, the recovery process is quite conservative and may vary from individual to individual. The varying factors can include physical therapy, weight loss, and exercise. The TLSO brace can be the best option to improve spinal alignment and relieve shooting pain.

Thoracic Spinal Stenosis is a common spinal disorder observed in elderly individuals. When a person suffers from spinal stenosis, their spinal canal narrows down to a certain extent where the nerves or the cords are compromised. However, you can treat spinal stenosis via conservative measures. In addition, physical therapy and specific medications are quite helpful in relieving the patient from shooting pain. Wearing a proper brace can help you recover quicker and prevent further injury to the spine. Worldbrace offers a specialized mount for spinal stenosis treatment that is well paired with other conservative treatment measures.

Herniated Disc: Herniated disc is another common spinal injury due to aging. As you age, the disc in your spine tends to lose water content that helps in the movement. Lack of water content makes them less flexible and sprained, and they are more prone to injury. The basic idea behind treating herniated discs is to relieve the pain, and the preferred method is using physical therapies. Specific therapies are icing, wearing herniated disc braces, heat therapy, and oral steroids.

Scoliosis is another spine disorder in which the spine is laterally turned compared to the normal spine, which is usually straight. Scoliosis is generally shared among females due to their bad posture and can be seen from a very young age. The best way to treat scoliosis in the initial stage is to consult a doctor and curate a specific method for yourself. However, scoliosis usually requires medical attention and cannot be effectively cured with conservative methods.

Various underlying causes of upper back pain can cause severe pain and may be the root of your problem. The best way is to observe your signs and consult a professional to seek help, as this can lead to significant health problems in the future.



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