Shoulder Instability: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment By Shoulder Braces

Shoulder Instability

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What is Shoulder Instability?

The shoulder is a joint in your upper arm that helps the arm move in different directions. The shoulder joint is the most moveable in the human body. It helps in the function of the arm and hands. Some causes mostly hinder your arm’s activity, and this is due to shoulder instability.

If you have an unstable shoulder, your daily life can become a burden. You will have to rely on someone else to help you, even your movements. This can cause severe distress in the person and even lead to depression.

What is Shoulder Instability

What Causes Shoulder Instability?

Shoulder instability is when the upper part of the upper arm is pushed out of its socket. Due to not being in its proper place, the shoulder gets dislocated. It can be chronic as well as accidental. Therefore, one needs to pay attention to the shoulder joint, and if it is usually painful, it may be chronic dislocation.

There are a few things that can cause shoulder instability:

  • Falling: if one falls on their side and hits the floor or any hard surface, they can hurt their shoulder joint, resulting in shoulder instability.
  • Sudden injury or accident: while playing or doing any task. One can hit their shoulder or upper arm. If it affects the arm or shoulder or even neck and back can cause shoulder instability.
  • Hyperlaxity: some people do not have shoulder dislocation; they have loose ligaments. This causes shoulder instability or hindrance in moving their arm or hand.

If you fall or have a sudden injury that results in a dislocated shoulder, this is not chronic dislocation. Chronic dislocation of the shoulder is when the shoulder or the joint is repeatedly dislocated, even without any reason. Any minor stress or push can cause dislocation or shoulder instability.

It is also said and experienced that once a person injures their shoulder or dislocates the joint, they are prone to get repeat episodes of it. The joint becomes weak and may lead to chronic shoulder instability.

To understand it correctly, one needs to identify its symptoms. For example, how would you know that you have dislocated your shoulder or that the movement of your hand is affected by some other underlying issue?

A few of the symptoms are stated below.

  • Pain caused by a sudden injury
  • Shoulder feeling loose or not in its right place while moving the arm.
  • Repeated shoulder dislocations

If you are suffering from any of the above problems, you should get your shoulder checked by your doctor. If left unattended, shoulder instability can cause severe issues.

What Causes Shoulder Instability
What Causes Shoulder Instability

How to Fix Chronic Shoulder Instability

If you know that your shoulder is dislocated, you need to start the treatment. It can be mainly treated through surgical methods as well as non-surgical treatments. The course of treatment depends on the severity of the dislocation or instability.

  • Surgical Method: surgery is recommended mostly for chronic dislocation of the shoulder. The doctors tend to tighten the ligaments of the shoulder joint so that the ligaments are better able to hold the joint in place.
  • Arthroscopy: is a surgical way to treat the ligaments. This is comparatively less invasive. The surgeon looks inside with the help of a camera and performs the surgery with instruments that are as thin as a pencil. These surgeries don’t take much time and do not require the patient to stay at the hospital for long.
  • Open surgery: this is a detailed procedure that involves stitches and cuts. The process and lengthy and requires the same care as any other major surgery.
  • Non-Surgical: these are the methods recommended by the doctor.
  • Physical therapy: the doctor recommends a few exercises to do regularly. A physiotherapist may also be needed in this treatment.
  • Drugs or NSAIDs: painkillers like ibuprofen or aspirin are given to reduce the pain and swelling.
  • Lifestyle modification: the doctor recommends changing a few or adding more physical activities to stabilize the shoulder joint.

The Best Shoulder Brace

The best shoulder brace is the one that aids with the function and stability of the shoulder and arm. There are mainly two types of shoulder braces, copper shoulder brace and shoulder support brace. The copper shoulder brace has a heat and ice system to reduce swelling and pain. At the same time, a shoulder support brace is great for reducing pain and providing support to the joint.

WorldBrace is a well-known manufacturer with over 20 years of experience. The quality of the braces is up to the mark and focuses on problem-solving. We make both copper shoulder braces and support braces for the shoulder. The braces are made to fit like a glove and are not uncomfortable. With our braces, you will find relief and improved mobility in your joints.

Load and Shift Test - Shoulder Instability


Yes. Shoulder instability can cause neck pain as several nerves cross the neck and the shoulder.


Yes, shoulder instability can be fixed without surgery, but a proper checkup, including X-Rays and MRIs, should be done to decide the treatment method.



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