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What is a Herniated Disc?

The human body is full of surprises. On the one hand, some pains occur without any direct injury, and on the other hand, some injuries give us no hustle. Some of you might be feeling numbness and severe pain in your leg or foot, but it is not directly connected to the injury in your leg and foot. You might be suffering from herniation that occurs in the spinal code.

Our body is dependent on different parts. One of the essential parts is a spinal code. A spinal code is a series of specific types of bones called vertebrae. These bones are supported by cushions called discs. These discs have jelly-type soft and liquid stuff in the middle of them. When the pillow is ruptured, this jelly stuff approaches the upper or lower bone of the series and directly causes severe pain. This injury is called a herniated disc.

Repetitive trauma may inflame the Achilles bursitis, located between the heel bone and the Achilles tendon. The Achilles tendon and the Peroneal Tendon are not the same things. Achilles tendinitis and Achilles bursitis are sometimes confused for one other, and when they co-occur, the condition is known as Haglund’s syndrome.

What is a Herniated Disc
What is a Herniated Disc

How to know if you have Herniated disc?

Before you study the symptoms of herniated discs, you should learn about their causes. Multiple direct and indirect reasons cause the herniated disc.


  1. Some people have this issue in their genetics. They inherit the disposition from their ancestors.
  2. Sitting in the wrong posture for the long term can also cause herniated discs.
  3. Overweight people can feel this issue because the extra burden on the spinal can cause herniated discs.
  4. Some people have hardworking jobs, like labor. These jobs not done with a proper technique can also cause this issue.
  5. You might have suffered an injury that ruptured the spine a bit. Not paying attention to these minor injuries can make them big, like a herniated disc.


There are no direct symptoms reported for a herniated disc. Most people don’t even realize they are suffering from a herniated disc. Herniated Disc is caused at two prominent places of the spinal code. At the neck or lower back. The pain in the lower back is a direct symptom of a herniated disc. Also, the pain in the leg and for is a symptom of this injury. The linked veins suffer the pain of herniated disc.

Herniated disc symptom picture

Herniated disc symptom picture
Herniated disc symptom picture

How to fix a herniated disc (Treatment)

Herniated discs aggrieve almost 90 percent of the people suffering from back pain. This injury is not severe in most conditions. We have listed some treatments to cure this injury for you.

Physical Therapy

One of the significant ways to cure a herniated disc is physical therapy. If you face a moderate injury, your physician can refer you to some specific physical therapy. It can relieve your pain.

Ice Therapy

If you feel severe pain in your lower back, ice therapy can relax your pain. Ice bags are available in pharmacies for this purpose.


You can also cure minor injury and pain through pain killers and nonsteroidal muscle relaxants. One of them is Ibuprofen. 

Steroidal Injections

Suppose your pain due to herniated disc is increasing day by day. You might need some medical treatment from your physician. One of them is spinal injections that include steroidal medications.

Surgical Treatment

When all the treatment fails, and herniated disc injury rises to the severeness, a proper surgery is required to cure this issue.

Medical Braces

The medical field has revolutionized itself with some things that can save you from painful surgery. Medical braces for your back can also solve the herniated disc.

What is the Best Back Brace for Herniated Disc?

Medical braces require high-quality flexible stuff that can support the affected parts. Medical braces are of many kinds. The best back brace can help stabilize the muscles and spine to avoid the herniated disc.

WorldBrace is considered the best manufacturer for all types of medical braces. It’s been more than 20 years that WorldBrace has been healing the people who suffer other injuries.

Herniated Disc - Patient Education


Yes, a herniated disc can be resolved only if you improve your lifestyle and not cause it more harm.

The best way is to sit straight by touching the spine firmly to the back of the chair.



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