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How to fix a dislocated

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What is dislocated knee?

A knee dislocation is an uncommon but very serious injury. It is responsible for only 0.2% of all orthopedic injuries. It occurs when the bones that make up the knee joint are forced out of alignment. This can happen due to a traffic accident, a hard fall, a blow to the knee, or a sudden twisting motion. Athletes, especially basketball players, are vulnerable to this kind of injury.

A dislocated knee can be extremely painful and may cause the knee to swell. Mostly, the dislocation occurs toward the outside of the leg. It is noteworthy that a knee dislocation is different from a patellar dislocation and a dislocated kneecap. Estimates tell that half of the cases of knee dislocations are the result of major trauma, and the rest half happen because of minor trauma. If you suspect that you have a dislocated knee, it is important to seek medical attention immediately.

What is dislocated knee
What is dislocated knee

How to know if your knee is dislocated?

There are several ways to tell if you have a dislocated knee. The most obvious sign is severe pain in the knee joint. You may also hear a popping noise when the injury occurs. The knee may swell and look deformed. You may also have difficulty moving the knee.

The dislocated knee symptoms occur immediately and worsen with the passage of time. In some cases, the knee may slip back as a result of dislocation. Furthermore, the knee experiences a high degree of pain, swelling, and instability.

dislocated knee symptom picture

dislocated knee symptom picture
dislocated knee symptom picture

Patella Dislocation Emergency (Video)

How to fix a dislocated knee?

If you have a dislocated knee, it is important to seek medical attention immediately. The treatment depends on the severity of your injury. The knee will need to be put back into place. This is a very painful process, but it is necessary to prevent further damage to the knee joint. After the knee has been put back into place, you will likely need to wear a dislocated knee brace for several weeks. You may also need to use crutches to keep weight off of the knee.

The primary goal is to minimize any damage caused to the blood vessels and nerves. Afterward, structural tissue damage can be treated. In case of minor injury, your doctor can adjust your dislocated bone by moving and pressing your leg. In most cases, surgery is recommended to repair ligament and cartilage injuries. Surgery helps treat broken bones, damaged nerves, and blood vessels. Usually, surgery is carried out after 1-3 weeks of injury.

How long does a dislocated knee take to heal?

Your recovery depends on how severe the injury is and whether your blood vessels and nerves are damaged. Knee dislocation recovery usually takes a long time. If you receive timely treatment, you are likely to recover more quickly. You may need knee rehabilitation for up to a year. Athletes who just recovered from knee dislocation might not be able to give the same performance as before.

How long to wear a knee brace after dislocation?

Following a knee dislocation injury, you may be required to wear a knee brace. A knee brace helps ease stiffness and allows your knee to bend. Generally, your doctor decides how long you have to wear splints and braces. When you are done with your knee braces, your doctor may send you to a physical therapist for knee rehab.

What is the best knee brace for a dislocated kneecap?

The best knee brace for a dislocated kneecap is one that is specifically designed for this type of injury. There are many different types of knee braces on the market, so it is important to consult with a doctor or physical therapist to find the best one for you. Based on our research, WorldBrace offers the best knee braces. WorldBrace is a renowned manufacturer of premium quality knee braces. In addition to knee braces, WorldBrace also produces top-quality elbow braces, shoulder braces, ankle braces, posture, and back braces.


No. You will be unable to straighten or bend your knee; it will pop when you try to bend it.

It can take you about 6-7 weeks to fully recover from a dislocated knee. However, it can take longer to return to strenuous activities like sports.



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