padded knee brace

Item No.KB107
Material50% rubber+40% sponge+10% polyester
ServiceOEM, ODM, OPM
Lead Time30 days
Pakaging1 polybag /pc or customized box
CustomizedCustomized design, LOGO, color , sizes, material, packings, boxes

About this Brace

  • Incredibly comfortable viscoelastic foam cushion
  • Made with 4 layers: shock-absorbing EVA foam sandwiched between generous double layers of deluxe cushioning memory foam
  • Extremely lightweight, with a carrying handle, no uncomfortable material bites into your legs when you kneel.
  • Protective Knee Pads for Cleaning House Floors, Gardening Work, Kneeling Cushions, Adjustable Kneeling Pad Suitable Garden.


  1. Ultimate comfort
    Triple-layer foam
    Shock-absorbing EVA foam
    Ultra-cushion memory foam
  2. Adjustable hook& loop straps
    Dual non-slip straps: straps are above and below the knee to keep your pads in place.
  3. Special design: double reinforced stitching. Super-strong quality stitching protects against tearing and disassembly.

How to wash padded knee brace

  • Don’t machine wash
  • You can hand wash this with mild soap and warm water
  • Its light fabric requires minimal wash effort
  • Do not use dryer sheets
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Wash with like colors


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How to choose the best padded knee brace?

Table of Contents

What is a padded knee brace?

The padded knee brace is made of flexible materials such as neoprene, plastic or styrofoam. Padded knee braces are designed to thicken the part of the knee that touches the ground to ensure stability and protection during sports or after injury, giving damaged ligaments enough time to heal. A padded knee brace also can be used to prevent injuries in close contact sports such as football, basketball and running.

How does a padded knee brace work?

A knee brace would have two primary functions – to provide support after a knee injury and to prevent further damage to the knee. It restricts the mobility of the knee joint to stabilize the leg and help the knee recover faster, which also reduces pain and swelling associated that are usually with knee injuries. For varying levels of support, there are different types of knee braces available. A padded knee brace increases blood flow and circulation throughout the knee, relieving painful conditions throughout the leg.

What symptoms does padded knee support apply to?

Padded knee braces are mainly used to protect the knee from injury. In daily work and life, we may need to kneel to complete some housework or work, so we need to add padded knee support to help us reduce the pain caused by knee contact with the ground; knee support may use to protect the knee in some sports, such as basketball, football, baseball, etc.

Benefits of using a padded knee brace

1. Lightweight, breathable and non-slip design

The soft neoprene mixture helps relieve pain and keeps knees soft while maintaining body temperature and soothing warmth without irritating the skin. The fabric has small holes at the knees that allow heat and moisture to escape, improving breathability and making it more comfortable to wear.

2. Accelerate the natural healing process

Your body needs enough time to heal your muscles and joints. But sometimes, you can’t give your body enough time. Knee braces are an excellent solution to provide support for weak or stressed knees and relieve the load on the knee to aid recovery.

3. Ergonomic design

Our knee support is ergonomic; It not only facilitates your daily routine but also provides your injured knee with the support it needs to sleep or rest. Allow your injured area to heal at its best at night. This knee brace is designed specifically for the left or right leg to fit the curve of your knee. When you play football, basketball, volleyball, mountaineering and other sports, it is your good partner.

4. Adjustable straps

Our classic adjustable knee support provides solid support and a flexible compression range. Open the kneecap to prevent slipping while holding it in position. 4-way compression customization fit. Tension bands provide a custom fit for control compression. Make it close more tightly and give better compression knee hook and ring closure design will fit most knee sizes.

Where can I buy a padded knee brace?

If you want to buy some braces for a knee injury, you can get them from Amazon, Walmart, Target, or other shopping platforms. But if you’re going to customize a batch of knee braces or look for a professional knee support factory, you can find WorldBrace, a Chinese knee brace manufacturer. We will offer you professional advice and quality service. Look forward to our pleasant cooperation!

Best knee brace manufacturers in China

Different brands have different prices related to brand design, raw materials, monthly sales, brand marketing costs, etc. If you seek a knee brace or have any questions about knee support, you can contact the WorldBrace team for more professional help and excellent service. We will provide you with the help within 24 hours to customize the best quality plan.

WorldBrace is an OEM manufacturer of quality sports care products. Our professional team supports an integrated process from concept design to mass production. Contact us and work with us!


Protect knees from bruises, abrasions, friction burns or other common impact injuries with the padded knee brace. Lightweight and comfortable, these protective knee sleeves are engineered to absorb shock, deliver compression, and protect the athlete’s knees.

When you first wear a knee brace, you may feel uncomfortable. This is when the knee fits into the support, and it can feel uncomfortable if it doesn’t suit. Therefore, choosing the right size and comfortable fabric is essential.

Padded knee pads should not be too loose or tight. In fact, a support that is comfortable for you is the one that suits you so you can get a proper brace. The knee support should not be so tight that it will cut off the flow or feel like it squeezes your knee/skin.

Knee pads are designed to outline the knee joint and surrounding calf, quadriceps and hamstring muscles. To get the most accurate measurements, you need to measure the circumference of the top of the calf. About 4 inches below the midpoint of the kneecap.

In the case of a knee injury, you usually need to wear a knee brace for at least a week after the injury. If you are preventing knee injuries in sports, wear them every time you participate in an activity that could cause harm to your knees. Consult your health care professional for further guidance on osteoarthritis and postoperative support.

Consider taking off your knee pads at bedtime and giving your legs a rest. On the other hand, your doctor may instruct you to wear knee pads while in bed. Exercise during sleep may disable what the surgeon has fixed, so you need to wear it to avoid further injury.

In short, knee pads reduce the knee’s impact, protect the kneecap, and provide a more comfortable kneeling position. The brace should be worn in jobs that require long periods of kneeling, such as carpeting, roofing, tiling, etc., or in competitive sports such as basketball, football, football, etc.

As with other textile products, knee braces can wear out. Please don’t wash the brace in the washing machine, and do not use fabric softeners. You can maintain good maintenance by hand washing it with mild soap and warm water, then air-drying it in a well-ventilated area until it is scorched. Store in a cool and ventilated place, do not place the sanitary ball.


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