women's body shaper with hooks and zipper

Item No.BS111A
MaterialNylon & Spandex
ServiceOEM, ODM, OPM
Lead Time30 days
Pakaging1 polybag /pc or customized box
CustomizedCustomized design, LOGO, color , sizes, material, packings, boxes

About this body shaper

  • 3 Separate Hooks and Eye Closures

This body shaper is equipped with 3 separate hooks and eye closures inside the zipper to avoid skin hurt and provide double firm control on the midsection. The front 2-layer fabrics help flatten the abdomen, reduce waistline, support back, postpartum recovery, improve posture, relieve waist pain, protect the spine, expedite fat burn while exercising, In addition you’d better combine a healthy diet, and drink plenty of water to achieve the effect of weight loss.

  • Slim Figure Shaper & Keep Good Posture All Day

The front part of the back brace has 2 light spiral steel bones and the back part has 2 light spiral steel bones. They provide the support of the abdomen and back , and help to relieve lower & upper back pain and improve your posture, keep it always stay in the right place, no roll down or up, make you stand & sit straighter and look taller, give you a more charming hourglass figure and feeling good all day long.

  • Improve your poor posture

Prevent and reduce health problems, relieve your body’s chronic pain caused by poor posture, it also helps to hold your stomach in, effectively firm control belly and waist.


  1. Best Back Brace Waist Cincher: Our back brace trainer is lightweight with durable and breathable high-quality Nylon & Spandex blended fabrics.
  2. Wide Comfortable Back Brace Straps: The comfortable wide strap is elasticity and exquisite wrap makes shaper cozy to wear. The back straightens shirt back band cross-type design provides full support for upper back. The ultimate stretch and recovery can adjust your shoulder posture. Also correct your spine, neck, shoulder and upper back to improve your posture to reduce health problems.
  3. Zipper & Hook Security Closure: 3 rows of hook-eye closure can avoid skin hurt and provide double firm control on the midsection and combine with the front 2-layer fabrics, which can help reduce waistline, postpartum recovery, improve posture relief waist pain.

How to wash Women's Body Shaper With Hooks And Zipper

  • Use soft detergent by hand wash in cold water, then hang dry to maintain shape and elasticity
  • It is recommended to wash it after exercise
  • Not for machine washing.

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How To Choose The Best women's body shaper with hooks and zipper?

Table of Contents

What is a women's body shaper with hooks and zipper?

According to the ergonomic principle, the three-dimensional cutting material of the shapewear is more in line with the characteristics of the human body structure. Can help women shape beautiful curves.

How does the women's body shaper with hooks and zipper work?

Body shapers move fat into Spaces where muscles are compressed. On the other hand, fat is flattened to an ideal fat area rather than simply sitting on your belly. Body shapers are precisely what we’ve always wanted; It moves fat where we want it!

Benefits of using a women's body shaper with hooks and zipper:

1. Waist control posture corrector

This shapewear comes with three separate hooks and eye buckles inside the zipper to avoid skin damage and provide double firm control in the middle. The front two layers of fabrics help close the abdomen, reduce the waist, support the back, postpartum recovery, improve posture, relieve low back pain, protect the spine, accelerate fat burning during exercise. In addition, you had better combine a healthy diet drink more water to achieve the effect of weight loss.

2. Shape yourself and maintain good posture throughout the day

The front of the backrest has two light spiral steel bones and the rear has two soft spiral steel bones. They provide abdominal and back support, help relieve lower and upper back pain, improve your posture by stay in the correct position. In this case yo make you stand straighter and look taller.

3. Healthy and effective

Improve bad posture, prevent and reduce health problems, relieve chronic body diseases caused by bad posture, effectively control abdominal and waist fat, so that you have an hourglass figure.

4. Wide and comfortable straps

Comfortable wide shoulder strap elastics provide full support for your upper back, correcting your spine, neck, shoulders and upper back. your posture to prevent health problems.

5. Secure closure of zipper and hook

The zipper has three separate hooks and eye closure to avoid skin injury and provide double firm control in the middle. Combined with the first two layers of fabric, it helps draw in the abdomen, reduce waist circumference, postpartum recovery, improve posture, relieve low back pain and protect the spine.

Where can I buy women's body shaper with hooks and zipper?

If you want to buy a body shaper for your perfect figure, you can get it from Amazon, Walmart, Target, or other shopping platforms. But if you’re going to customize a batch of body shapers or look for a professional body shaper factory, you can find WorldBrace, a Chinese body shaper manufacturer. We will offer you professional consultation and quality service. Look forward to our pleasant cooperation!

Best body shaper manufacturers in China

Different brands have different prices related to brand design, raw materials, monthly sales, brand marketing costs, etc. If you are looking for a body shaper or have any questions about body shapers, you can contact the WorldBrace team for more professional help and excellent service. We will provide you with the use within 24 hours to customize the best quality plan.

Worldbrace is an OEM manufacturer of quality sports care products. Our professional team supports an integrated process from concept design to mass production. Contact us and work with us!


Some people use body a shaper to inspire them to do better with their diet and exercise. When you use them correctly and don’t overuse them, shapewear may remind you to sit up straight and eat less at mealtimes. This may help you be strict when starting a new diet or exercise program. But it’s not permanent.

Body shaper for women is typically stretchy and provide pressure and support for your back. This keeps your body straight and firm. It also helps reduce lower back and lower back pain. This significantly improves your walking and sitting posture.

We recommend you wear it when you need to exercise rather than every day. Body shaper limits your body, which can pose some health risks. If you notice any discomfort with the body shaper, you should stop wearing it. You can also reduce problems by choosing different styles or sizes.

Wearing body shapers for a while won’t permanently affect your figure. A piece of fabric won’t change your body composition, but in the short term, it can help you shed fat or shape your body, which is a quick way to change your body shape.

Body shaper is excellent for your back. The right size body shaper works your core, and you start to use your core muscles more and more.

Generally speaking, if you wear body shapers almost every day for a few hours, it will last for months. If you don’t use it regularly, say once a week or less, it will last longer. The best way to tell if it’s time to change body shaper is to test whether it still fits you.

Poor sizing is probably the most common reason body shapers don’t fit properly or stay in place. If it’s too big, it can move. If it’s too small, it can be very uncomfortable. It can make you gasp. Choosing the right size is very important!

It’s not a good idea to wear body shapers every day. This can lead to several health problems, including skin infections, breathing, urinary tract infections and more. However, long-term use of body shapers can have some side effects.


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