women's waist trainer with zipper

Item No.BS109A
Material90% neoprene +10% polyester and spandex
ServiceOEM, ODM, OPM
Lead Time30 days
Pakaging1 polybag /pc or customized box
CustomizedCustomized design, LOGO, color , sizes, material, packings, boxes

About this Waist Trainer

  • Slimming body shaper: our sauna vest uses a polymer fabric that traps your body’s natural heat and stimulates sweating with any type of physical activity. Wearing the sauna body shaper while training or performing daily activities creates an experience similar to a hot sauna. Your body temperature will increase, so you sweat more, lose water weight, and shed pounds quickly. The increased sweating also helps clean pores and shape your body.
  • Sweat-enhancing sauna effect: our tank top is lined with polymer fabric that traps your body’s natural heat and accelerates metabolism with physical exercise. Wear this hot sweat-shaping garment during the workout or daily activities will produce a sauna-like effect to increase core temperature and burn calories. Therefore, you will sweat more, shed pounds more easily and increase perspiration and impurities.
  • High compression body shaper: Our sports vest is an ideal workout gear with a natural human curve cut and top layer compression fabric to build a lovely hourglass curve. It pulls in all sides for a comfortable fit, reshapes fat distribution, holds your tummy, controls your tummy and slims your waist. Combined with a healthy diet and proper training, you’ll soon be saying goodbye to your tummy and love handles.


  1. U-type Design for Support: This sweat waist trainer’s unique front U-type design for women allows you to wear a sports bra underneath. A compression shirt can tuck your tummy in, shape your waist, and accentuate your curves effectually!
  2. Heat-Trapping Polymer Fabric: The sweat shaper is made with high-quality neoprene, which has a grid surface inside that keeps the vest in place. The material is flexible, stretchy, and latex-free.
  3. Strong zipper: Zipper design Easy to put on and off

How to wash women's waist trainer with zipper

  • Machine washable
  • Wash with like colors
  • Only non-chlorine bleach when needed
  • Tumble dry low heat
  • Cool iron only
  • Do not use dryer sheets
  • Do not use fabric softener

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How To Choose The Best women's waist trainer with zipper?

Table of Contents

How does the women's waist trainer with zipper work?

The waist trainer exerts pressure on the fat around the waist and abdomen of the human body, increases the amount of sweat, and achieves the effect of reducing fat, losing weight and shaping shape with appropriate exercise.

Benefits of using a women's waist trainer with zipper

1. U-shaped support design

This women’s waist trainer with zipper has a unique front U-shaped female design that allows you to wear a sports bra underneath. Compression shape-wear can effectively pull in your stomach, shape your waist, and accentuate your curves! Perfect for short torsos and regular body shapes.

2. Adjustable zipper

Belted corsets provide varying levels of pressure, weight loss and sculpting of the waist. The zipper design on the chest makes it easy for you to wear and take off, creating a slimmer and cleaner appearance.

3. High-pressure Waist Trainer

Our sports vest is the ideal workout outfit with a natural body curve cut and a top layer of compressed fabric to create a sexy hourglass curve. It pulls on all sides for a comfortable fit, reshaping fat distribution, holding and controlling the abdomen and slimming the waist. Combine a healthy diet with proper training and you’ll soon bid farewell to your belly fat.

4. Quality materials

Made from 90% neoprene and 10% polyester and spandex, this waist training shape-wear improves blood flow, increases body temperature and produces three times as much sweat, helping to burn more calories and helping to achieve weight loss. Increased sweating also helps to clear pores and shape your body.

Where can I buy a women's waist trainer with a zipper?

If you want to buy a waist trainer for a waist trainer, you can get them from Amazon, Walmart, Target, or other shopping platforms. But if you’re going to customize a batch of waist trainers or look for a professional waist trainers factory, you can find WorldBrace, a Chinese waist trainer manufacturer. We will offer you professional consultation and quality service. Look forward to our pleasant cooperation!

Best waist trainer manufacturers in China

Different brands have different prices related to brand design, raw materials, monthly sales, brand marketing costs, etc. If you are looking for waist trainer support or have any questions about waist trainers with zippers, you can contact the WorldBrace team for more professional help and excellent service. We will provide you with the use within 24 hours to customize the best quality plan.

WorldBrace is an OEM manufacturer of quality sports care products. Our professional team supports an integrated process from concept design to mass production. Contact us and work with us!


Waist trainers can affect your weight over a short period. They can cause health problems if overused or tied too tightly. The healthiest and most effective way to lose weight and keep it off is to exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet.

The waist trainer is recommended to be worn for 3-4 hours a day, and the length of wear can be increased or decreased according to your own needs. Wearing it every day for weeks to months will affect it, and it usually requires diet and exercise to help shape the body.

Waist trainers mainly exert pressure on the waist and abdomen to reduce fat plasticity. We recommend you wear waist trainers when sleeping because the body should be relaxed.

If you have difficulty breathing or other symptoms during wearing, please stop wearing and choose a more suitable model or style to help shape your body.

Although the waist trainer should be tightly strapped to your body, it should be comfortable and should not squeeze or restrict your breathing. You should immediately see a noticeable hourglass curve with the right waist trainer. If it’s too loose and there’s no significant difference in your waistline, you’ll either need a smaller size or a different style.

The exact size is the waist above the navel. It can’t be measured by height and weight. You can choose the right waist trainer according to our size chart. If you are between two sizes, it is recommended to choose a larger one.

Do not machine wash, do not use fabric softener. You can wash the support by hand with mild soap and warm water and air dry the brace in a well-ventilated area. Store the brace in a cool and ventilated place, do not place the sanitary ball.


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