Wakeboarding is one of the most popular and evolving sports. Its popularity is skyrocketing to the extent that it was even listed in the summer 2020 Olympics. Although Wakeboarding is a high-intensity game with major flips, spins, and invert stunts, the risk of injury that it brings along with itself cannot be ignored.

What is the Most Common Wakeboarding Injury?

We are afraid of injuries, aren’t we? The terror that it brings along with itself is heartwrenching. The most common injury associated with Wakeboarding is the laceration to the head which accounts for almost 25% of all sports injuries.

Concussions are the next that accounts for these sports accidents. Although with Wakeboarding, there is a higher chance of getting prone to accidents and injuring your head.

Upper Body Injury From Wakeboarding

Luckily if you escape a concussion from getting your head slammed against the water, you still have a higher chance of sustaining a strain to the tissues of your neck that may cause you pain and stiffness. A neck collar is preferred in severe cases to provide extra support and healing.

Other causes like frequent falls or trying new tricks can effortlessly stress your lower back and cause you immense pain. To avoid such pain and recover from your injury, you should abstain from Wakeboarding and include a lumbar back brace to incorporate faster healing. This helps in lessening the stress on the tissues of the spine.

With Wakeboarding, shoulder dislocations can also occur during accidents. It is one of the most common forms of injury from Wakeboarding. You may require extra support after your dislocation has been cured by a skilled medical professional. An athletic shoulder brace comes in handy during the healing process.

Lower-Extremity Problems and Knee Injury From Wakeboarding

An ankle sprain is another common form of injury associated with Wakeboarding. The cause behind this injury is generally due to band landing, which leads to the twisting of the joints away from their normal range. To avoid such accidents, Worldbrace offers neoprene, water-resistant ankle wrap. These wraps support the twisted joints or can be used as a preventive measure to avoid twisting.

The rise of ACL tears is not uncommon due to the rise of Wakeboarding. People find this sport extraordinarily entertaining and challenging, which drives them towards it. Unfortunately, accidents are common due to poor landing, catching the board edge, and rotations which can tear the ligaments of the knees.

To effectively cure ACL tears, surgery is required. In addition, to replay your favorite sport-wakeboarding, you will require a supportive knee wrap effectively designed to support ligament disabilities.

In some instances where the injury is preferably less like the general sprain or strain, wearing neoprene knee braces can be found effective. These lightweight products provide compression and needed support without interfering with the performance. Also, neoprene does not absorb moisture, making it easier for the patient to wear for a more extended period.



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