Rotator Cuff tear: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment By Shoulder Braces

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What is Rotator Cuff Tear?

People who use their arms overhead frequently have shoulder problems. Tennis, badminton, volleyball, and basketball are the most common causes of shoulder pain. You may have been in an accident and are experiencing shoulder pain. It could also be a rotator cuff tear that can be fatal if not treated.

Human autonomy is one of the most challenging studies. A rotator cuff is a combination of 4 different cuffs located at the shoulder joint. The primary purpose of the rotator cuff is to keep all the bones connected with the proper movement. A tear in the rotator cuff can cause intense and sharp pain in the shoulder.

What is Rotator Cuff Tear
What is Rotator Cuff Tear

Rotator Cuff Strain vs. Tear

Multiple rotator cuff injuries are reported throughout the time. Two of them are rotator cuff strain and tear. Some people confuse them with each other because they are hard to differentiate. A slight difference is that a rotator cuff tear is a tear that happens due to any sudden unfortunate jerk or accident. Rotator cuff strain comes with time, meaning any inflammation or minor pain at one of the four rotator cuff muscles.

Rotator Cuff tear

Rotator Cuff Tear Exercises, Rotator Cuff Tear Treatments

You are coming to the most crucial part. What causes a rotator cuff tear? The main reasons are overusing arms in sports like badminton, tennis, and volleyball. Other duties that require an overhead operation, such as painter, are also the reason. If you are facing a minor tear in the cuff, you can also solve it with some exercises.


Stretching the arm can be a good exercise. Try to reach the other side of the chest under the chin. It will give an excellent stretch to the rotator cuff.

  • Lie straight on your back, life the affected arm straight up with 90 degrees angle. Hold it up there for 5 seconds and bring it back slowly. It will give you a sweet relieving pain.
  • Pendulum exercise is one of the most effective exercises. Stand alongside a chair with a healthy arm on it. Bend down and leave the affected arm free towards the downside. Now move it slowly in a circular motion like a pendulum. It will help if you leave your arm loose to give it a pendulum swing.
  • All other exercises that give a slight stretch to the affected arm or shoulder should be performed gently. You should always wear a supportive brace for better results.


Rotator cuff tear treatments depend on the severity of the tear. Some can be relieved at home by exercises and therapies. Some need surgeries as well.

  1. Ice Therapy

Ice therapy is the best remedy to relieve the pain at home. Get an ad ice bag from the pharmacy and repeatedly put it on the shoulder. It will reduce the pain.

  1. Physiotherapy

After you diagnose the rotator cuff tear by any means, the doctor may refer you to a physiotherapist with some medications. The therapist will warm your shoulder and give it a different stretched exercise. It will cure the issue in a short time.

  1. Technique and Braces

Even if you have been diagnosed with a rotator cuff tear, you can heal it with better technique. Do exercise sports with the proper method to avoid any more issues. Also, you must wear a high-quality brace as it supports the rotator cuff.

  1. Surgery

Some rotator cuffs have been torn completely. So, thy need proper surgery to be healed. The surgeon can perform the surgeries as per requirement. He may use the camera without any heavy instrument. The type of surgery all depends on the severity of the tear.

What is the Best Shoulder brace for Rotator Cuff Tear?

You can heal the rotator cuff tear by wearing a superior back brace. A flexible mounting gives you a comfortable feeling and keeps your shoulder warm for better joint operation.

WorldBrace is a renowned brand for a shoulder braces. Many people with rotator cuff tears have used its props and healed themselves. They use high-quality elastic stuff that provides your shoulder with a smooth operation.

Top 3 Signs Of A Rotator Cuff Tear


No, an X-ray is detailed imaging of bones that cannot directly show the rotator cuff tear.

In rare cases, rotator cuff tear pain can also reach the neck.



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