Use belts and girdles to lose weight up to 4XL

Plus Size Abdominal Binders

Considerable abdominal support might be necessary for many reasons. The 2XL abdominal support can help slim down overweight people and women. It will also maintain your posture and improve your abs. Pregnancy Support Plus is an excellent option for women who gain weight during pregnancy. A postpartum tummy-tuck can be a great way to tighten your abdomen after giving birth. Abdominal tape is essential after any stomach surgery, particularly bariatric or bariatric. It helps your muscles, organs and incision sites heal correctly. WorldBrace has a range of belts, binders and wraps suitable for larger hips.

After gastric bypass bariatric surgical procedure, abdominal adhesive

The bariatric gastric bypass procedure removes the stomach, aligns the small intestinally, and then connects them. This surgery is the most popular way of bariatric surgery. It is designed to aid in weight loss. We recommend using postoperative elastic gastric bands to help heal after gastric bypass surgery. This large abdominal wrap reduces swelling, speeds healing and accelerates the process. This plus-size abdominal wrap protects the incision area after bariatric gastric bypass surgery.

Plus Size Support After Ventral Hernia Repair

You will have an incision in your abdomen after abdominal hernia surgery. We recommend sizeable ventral hernia glue to protect the incision. The large abdominal adhesive protects the incision and compresses any weak areas. This compression will accelerate the healing process and relieve pain by using a large abdominal hernia adhesive. We offer abdominal braces in various sizes, including XL, to help you get in shape.

A sizeable abdominal binder is for obese and overweight individuals

People who are obese often feel back and abdominal pain. Regular exercise can cause muscle weakness which can lead, among other things, to strains, hernias and muscle strains. Being overweight can put pressure on your abdomen and lower back, which can cause pain. A large girdle, which can be used to compress the abdomen and lower back, can help relieve this pain. It will also make your stomach look slimmer. Although tummy tucks are not a weight loss tool, they can reduce obesity-related pain and make your stomach look more petite. They also tighten any extra skin. WorldBrace has a wide range of extensive abdominal supports, including belts, shoulder straps, and binders. You can choose a range of sizes to suit your 55, 72, or 96-inch circumferences. We recommend a giant abdominal binder for those who are overweight or obese.

Postpartum and Maternal Abdominal Support Plus Sizes

WorldBrace has a range of maternity support straps and stickers that can be used to enhance your postpartum experience and pregnancy. You’ll likely carry extra weight during this time which can cause additional pressure on your back. You’ll feel great in a maternity dress or girdle. We also have maternity binders and belts to help you carry your baby. The plus-size maternity belt lifts abdominal weight to the correct position, decreasing stress on your back.

These products can improve your posture and help you to lose weight. We recommend using an abdominal adhesive postpartum to ease back and abdominal pain. The abdominal wrap can be used to tighten any extra or loose skin following pregnancy. This abdominal bandage can be used to reduce pain after childbirth.

After a caesarean, women need adhesives to protect their large bellies.

There are many types of large female abdominal immobilizers. Some are designed to support the stomach and buttocks, while others support the pelvis. Others can be tailored to fit different body types. This is useful after your stomach shrinks (for example, from 3XL down to 2XL or XL).



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