What is Patellar Tracking Disorder (or Patellar Tracking Disorder)?

Patella Tracking Braces & Stabilizers

Patellar tracking disorder (or patellofemoral track syndrome) is where the patella (or kneecap) moves out from its normal position while the leg bends, straightens, or turns. There are many ways the kneecap may shift, but it is often too far to the outside of your leg.

Patellar tracking disorder is characterized by pain in the front of your knees, often accompanied by popping, grinding, or slipping sensation. People who do repetitive activities that strain their knee joints are most at risk. Jumping, running, and squatting are all activities that can cause the disorder. For more information about patellar tracking disorder.

Many braces are available to correct tracking disorders, and there are many ways your kneecap may misalign. Continue reading to learn which mount is best for your patellar tracking problem!

I feel my kneecap moving too far to the outside of my leg. Which brace would be the best fit?

Patellar tracking disorder is commonly caused by a shift too far outside your leg. This is known as lateral side misalignment.  C-shaped buttress support, which sits on your outside knee, will be needed to stop your kneecap from moving towards the outside. The C-shaped support will help track your knee back to the correct centre position. This will stabilize your kneecap and protect it against injury.

WorldBrace offers this knee brace to correct lateral patella misalignment. The mount includes a C-shaped buttress for adjustable warmth and compression and a J-brace to compress the lateral knees.

I feel my kneecap moving too far to the inside of my leg. Which brace would be the best fit?

A C-shaped buttress on the other side is required to support the shifts towards the inner or medial of the leg. It is excellent for tracking outside (lateral) and inside (medial) issues, as the lateral Patella brace mentioned before is adjustable.

Do you have a brace for patella Baja?

Patella Baja, also known as patella infer, refers to a low-lying kneecap and a short patella tendon. This condition can cause crepitation or limited motion of the kneecap. U-shaped support is best for patella Baja support, as the patella is too low. The U-shaped support can be used to relieve pain and stabilize the patella’s inferior side (or underside).

WorldBrace offers this knee brace to treat patella Baja pain. The mount has a U-shaped inferior buttress that stabilizes the patella. Velcro straps allow for a perfect fit.

I have knee-tracking issues and want to be active. Which brace would work best for me?

There are brace options available for those who have patellar tracking disorder. The best support for you is the c-shaped brace. An adjusted mount will let you choose which side of your knee to support. It would help if you chose a prop that is light, breathable, and small to allow you to continue exercising.

WorldBrace offers this knee brace that is exercise friendly. It has an adjustable C-shaped fortress to help with different tracking issues. It is also made from a lightweight, breathable CoolTex, which makes it ideal for exercise. It is perfect for anyone who wants to keep active through sweat resistance and a relaxed fit. It is also only 6 inches long, making it easy to wear comfortably in any situation.

Are braces available for me if I am experiencing some initial symptoms of patellar tracking problems?

Knee problems are widespread and can lead to severe complications. It is essential to address your knee-tracking issues immediately. This will help prevent future problems and support your patella. An O-shaped or adjustable u-shaped tower is the best option for beginning or mild cases. This will keep the entire area, but it is more temperate. Open patella designs will relieve pain and reduce pressure on the kneecap.

WorldBrace offers a variety of options with an O-shaped buttress. We offer a plus-size patella support brace. The O-shaped buttress provides mild and universal patella support. The sleeve also provides warmth and compression to reduce swelling. You can purchase the mount in sizes up to 4XL.

This universal patella support wrap is an all-inclusive wrap for the knees. The neoprene wrap has an adjustable U-shaped backrest that allows you to place support where you want it. This wrap can assist with tracking issues and a wide range of injuries. The wrap can be used in any size.

Are braces available for me if I am experiencing some initial symptoms of patellar tracking problems?

Jumper’s knee or patellar tendonitis is a tendon injury most commonly seen in athletes who are involved in jumping sports like basketball, volleyball and tennis. The patellar tendon connects the patella (knee) and tibia (shinbone). It is crucial for jumping and other explosive movements of the knee.

If the tendon becomes overused or stressed, microscopic tears can form. This causes pain and swelling just below the knee.

The pain develops slowly over time, so it cannot always be attributed to a particular injury. The pain is usually an ache in the patellar tendon area after exercise. It can then progress to severe pain that can disrupt performance. A tendon tear can result in excruciating pain.

Therefore, it is essential to be aware of such pain and address it accordingly.

Patellar Tendonitis Treatment

This injury is often treated with rest, ice compression, and elevation (RICE), especially in the early stages. However, athletes know that prolonged rest is not always possible. These treatment methods do not address preventative care to avoid reinjuring the tendon.

The injury is common in high-impact sports that involve contact with the ground or other players. It is, therefore, not surprising that many athletes use a patella brace to reduce pain, speed healing, and provide additional support. A patella tendon strap is not as practical for specific individuals due to its aid.

WorldBrace offers a variety of knee braces to treat patellar tendonitis. These braces are suitable for any athletic activity and are very comfortable.

Patella Braces for Athletes

Braces for patella tendonitis protect the knee and prevent excessive pressure from being applied to the kneecap. This can reduce the athlete’s recovery time and watch the knee from further injury.

Specialized Patella Tendon Brace Products

WorldBrace also offers a patellar tracking brace and a patella stabilizing bracelet that both feature joint bars for maximum knee support. The patella tracking brace can also be used as a good brace for chondromalacia. This condition, similar to patellar tendonitis, is characterized by pain below the kneecap due to overuse or injury. However, in chondromalacia, the cause of the pain is the cartilage and not the tendon.

BraceAbility.com has a wide variety of patellar knee braces. Make sure you pair it with quadriceps stretching and exercise. This can prevent injury to the patellar tendon.



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