Left back pain: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment By Back Braces

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What is Lower Left Back Pain

The human body has a complex and incredible anatomy. The dysfunction of any organ can cause a lot of pain. You may have experienced left back pain in the past, as it is one of the most excruciating pains in the human body. You should not neglect this pain as it can be alarming.

Lower left back pain is relatively uncommon as it is caused by actions that are not ordinary. Inflammation of the muscles, ligaments, or internal organs causes Lower back pain. At first, there were no symptoms of this pain. Once it appears, it has the potential to ruin your life.

What is Lower Left Back Pain
What is Lower Left Back Pain

How Pain feel in left side of Back?

Pain in the lower left back is neither a shooting pain nor intense. This pain depends on its cause. If this pain is coming out of ligaments or muscles, it will pain only in a particular posture of your body. It can be alarming and intense if an internal organ causes it. To learn the type of pain, you are having. We have listed some significant causes.

What Causes Lower Left Back Pain and How to Relieve lower left back pain?

Multiple actions in our body can cause this lower left back pain. Some of them are listed as follows.

Muscle Strain

Muscle strain is the primary reason reported behind every left back pain. Muscles are supportive nerves for the spinal code in the lower back. Minor tear or tendon inflammation can lead to muscle strain and lower left back pain.

Stretched Ligament

Multiple ligaments are part of the lower back that connect the spine with bones. These tissues play an important role. Specific exercises or postures can stretch the ligament out of its limit. It can result in a sprain that causes lower left back pain.

Kidneys Stones

A shooting and intense lower left back pain can result from an internal organ infection. One of the significant infections is to have stones in the kidney. The kidney is responsible for flushing the waste out of our bodies. It can cause intense lower left back pain if a stone is stuck in it.


Treatment of the left-back pain also depends on its nature. Internal organ pain treatment is different from muscle and ligaments.

Ice and Hot Therapy

If a specific posture causes your pain, it can be relieved through ice therapy. Put ice or a hot bag on the lower left back to be relieved from pain. Bed rest for some days is also necessary to eliminate this pain.

Physiotherapy with Brace

Your doctor can refer you to a physiotherapist. Specific exercises with hot wax can relieve the pain instantly. Also, a medical brace can be of help in this condition. A good lower back brace can lead to a comfortable lifestyle.


Besides the regular medical treatments, acupuncture is also practiced for back pain. Certified practitioners will inject the needles at different places of your body to relieve the pain.

Physician and Tests

If you are feeling intense pain from the kidney with fever and vomiting, you should visit the nearest hospital as soon as possible. They will run some imaging tests or blood tests to check the stones in the kidney. Their medication will relieve your pain with time.

What is the best back brace for lower left back pain?

A brace with great flexible elastic stuff that can take off the load from your body is the best. WorldBrace is known as one of the finest manufacturers of lower left back pain braces. Their braces are of such quality that they can relieve your pain and strengthen your muscle in a short time.

Lower back pain on one side - QL stretch for back pain


Yes, sometimes gas can cause left-back pain that may increase gradually.

Yes, hemorrhoids can cause lower left back pain in rare cases. 



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