black neck gaiter

Item No.NG101
Materialpolyester+ lycra+ copper
ServiceOEM, ODM, OPM
Lead Time30 days
Pakaging1 polybag /pc or customized box
CustomizedCustomized design, LOGO, color , sizes, material, packings, boxes

About this neck gaiter

  • Tip: Wash Before Wearing.
  • Washable, reusable, unisex style
  • High-Quality Design: Our high-quality neck gaiter is made of soft, breathable, no-fading, non-irritating, and odor-free environmental-friendly premium fabric. Advanced sewing technology makes warmer neck gaiter more durable and not easy to rip, avoid to hurting your skin.
  • Non-slip inner fabric material ensures your neck gaiter stays on during high movement activities.
  • Lightweight and itch-free material prevent cuffing along the shielded region.
  • The large surface area promises enough coverage over the face and neck.
  • Moisture-wicking materials that dry fast, keeping you cool and comfortable.
  • It doesn’t sweat or fog your glasses.


  1. Breathable Fabric: Made of breathable and windproof fabric with a tender feel,anti-static, anti-pilling, lightweight, friendly to your skin, excellent keep the warm effect.
  2. WorldBrace Face cover protects with copper and anti-odor technology. Copper infusion material help reduce odor-causing bacteria.
  3. Smart thermally regulated technology to help keep you cool.

How to wear black neck gaiter

neck gaiter

This high-quality and comfortable headwear is also extremely versatile and provides protection from wind, dust, dirt, sand, bugs & insects. With over 15 different wearable options, they have multiple additional uses: neck warmer, beanie, skull cap, winter mask, sweatband, tube scarf, paintball, shemagh, helmet liner, or for military use to name a few.

How to wash black neck gaiter

  • Machine wash or hand wash your durable neck gaiters with medium-temperature water.
  • Don’t need iron or use machine drying, only hang the mask to airing instead, it dries fast after washing.
  • Its light fabric requires minimal wash effort
  • Do not use dryer sheets
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Wash with like colors

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How to choose the best black neck gaiter?

Table of Contents

What is a black neck gaiter?

A neck gaiter is a tube of fabric that protects your neck and face from sun or cold conditions. They protect the user’s face and neck from sunburn without sunscreen on hot days. In winter, they protect the user’s neck and face from cold and windburn. Neck gaiters are a fantastic piece of clothing that can help protect you from hot and cold temperatures.

Why use neck gaiters?

Neck gaiters protect all types of outdoor conditions. These multi-functional neck tubes are great for fighting off cold, sun, wind, and spray. It can take sweat away, and you will stay comfortable and dry. Neck gaiters are easy to pack, and you can wear them in many ways.

Who is a neck gaiter for?

A neck gaiter is suitable for all ages, whether a man, woman, or child. A neck gaiter is also an excellent choice for athletes or outdoors people. They are also effortless to wear and carry, and you can pack them in your pocket when you are not using them for a while.

Benefits of using a black neck gaiter

1. Protect your skin from the sun

In summer, when it’s often hot outdoors, a neck gaiter can help you get the SPF you want without using sunscreen.

2. Keep warm from the wind

A neck gaiter can block out some of the harsh winter winds that can dry out your skin and keep you warm.

3. Prevent dust from entering the respiratory tract

A neck gaiter can prevent some large particles of air pollutants from entering the respiratory tract, such as dust, wind, and sand.

Things you must consider when you buy a black neck gaiter:

Breathable Fabric: Our neck gaiter is made of breathable and windproof fabric with a tender feel, anti-static, anti-pilling, lightweight, friendly to your skin, excellent keep the warm effect.

WorldBrace Face cover protects with copper and anti-odor technology.

Smart thermally regulated technology to help keep you cool, copper infusion to help reduce odor-causing bacteria. Innovative technology fabric keeps you comfortable.

Where can I buy a black neck gaiter?

If you want to buy neck gaiter in small quantities, you can buy them from Amazon, Walmart, and so on. But if you’re going to customize neck gaiter in large amounts, you can consider WorldBrace. We can provide customized service according to your needs.

How does black neck gaiter work?

This keeps your face and neck from being burned by the sun in the summer. It also keeps your face warm during the winter months. People wear neck gaiters in the summer for sun protection rather than sunscreen. Another use of a neck gaiter is to keep your face warm during winter.

What materials are used in neck gaiters?

Gaiter is made from high-quality materials to offer the most comfortable wear and long-lasting protection against the elements. Our most popular fabric comes in vibrant colors and prints to suit your lifestyle. The material combines polyester and dacron brushed for softness and is designed for performance.

What are the best outdoor activities to use neck gaiters?

Neck gaiters can be worn for snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, motorcycling, biking, running, and skateboarding. They are also handy for yard work and outdoor social events, where you need added protection from the sun. Our neck gaiters are versatile, breathable, and packable.

When should I wear it?

It’s a great way to absorb sweat and stay cool and dry when you need to go outside or do some exercise. Or it would help if you had it in bad weather, such as hot sun, cold wind, smog, sand.

The best black neck gaiter for lifting manufacturer in China

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